Issac Casey

Issac Casey

Writer & Homestead Owner

Issac left the corporate world almost 8 years ago and started working on his dream of having a homestead and growing his own food.  After leaving his corporate job, he felt passionate about exploring his love for gardening, thus dedicating a great amount of time researching and writing informational articles about maintaining a garden on Your House Your Garden. 

Through this journey, he has become well-informed in the use of fertilizers and other related topics. His dedication to becoming an expert in the field is evident in his work.  In addition to gardening, Issac enjoys other outdoor activities, such as cycling and trekking. He loves exploring nature and taking long bike rides on weekends.

When not out exploring or writing about gardens, Issac often spends time with friends and family enjoying outdoor activities such as camping or hiking in the woods near his home. 

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