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Want to grow lovely peace lilies? After all, it is one of the most stunning and unique plants that comes from the tropical ends of Southeastern Asia and Americas. Their beautiful tube like flowers look incredibly both inside and outside the home. In fact, this tropical plant is one of the most popular choices for indoor plants.

Although peace lilies are tropical and thrive indoors, they can certainly be grown outdoors as well and with a balance dose of the morning sun, peace lilies grow beautifully. To plant peace lilies outside, simply know that these blooms enjoy the warm summer months and only a bit of shade during their life-cycle.

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Learn more about how you can grow peace lily outdoors and the best ways to care for your peace lily plant. Keep on reading!

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Can Peace Lily Survive Outdoors?

Most peace lily lovers may wonder if their favorite plant can be planted outdoors and whether it can survive direct sunlight. The answer is yes! Peace lilies can survive in USDA agriculture plant hardiness zones from 10-12.

You can plant these delicate blooms directly in the soil or even in large planters or containers. However, keep in mind that peace lilies do not respond well to the winter chill or frost. If there is risk of frost damage, then you should transfer the young plant indoors.

To ensure that your peace lily survive outdoors, these should be pruned regularly and arranged in dappled sunlight and dappled shade for optimal results. Temperatures below 55*F can damage this plant.

Planting peace lilies outdoors may also increase risk of other issues. Diseases peace lilies attract include infestation of slugs, snails, and other rodents. Take proper precaution to avoid any form of damage.

What is the Most Ideal Environment for Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies tend to grow best in warm summer months since they are tropical plants. You can grow these tropical perennials outside so long as you live in a suitable hardiness zone. If you live in Hawaii or Florida, then your peace lily thrives in such climate.

Peace lily plants grow best on a shaded deck, doorway, or along the garage or porch where it has access to dappled sunlight. This is especially handy if you have potted peace lilies.

You will have to move them inside once the temperature begins to drop and the winter months start rolling in. We recommend positioning them where they can easily be moved indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

In the wild and their natural habitat, peace lilies can be found growing under trees where there is access to rich soil and organic matter. If you wish to grow peace lilies outside in your home garden, then we recommend mimicking the same conditions.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Planting Peace Lily in Garden Soil

To plant your peace lilies outdoors in your garden, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Firstly, dig a hole or trench that is 1 foot deep. You can then start pouring sandy loam or coarse sand, peat moss, or rotted compost inside. You can choose to compost if you like as it is optional at this point.
  2. Remember to always test your soil. The soil peace lilies thrive in has a pH of 5.8-6.5.
  3. Now start planting your peace lilies but make sire to keep a distance of 25-35 inches between each plant. You can follow the same rule if your are using containers.
  4. Each peace lily plant should be buried at the same height as they were in indoor containers or pots. Once planted, you can water your peace lilies.
  5. Now wait for the peace lily plant to droop before you add more water as overwatering can lead to root rot for both new peace lilies and established ones.
  6. You can now use a slow-release dry fertilizer which should be mixed in the soil while you are planting them.

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How to Look After Outdoor Peace Lilies

Caring for your outdoor peace lily can require some effort. After all, it is not the same as looking after indoor plants.

Outdoor peace lilies enjoy partial or deep shade and dappled sunlight. Direct sunlight is detrimental for its growth and may even lead to the blooms burning. Your peace lilies will thrive in a few hours of indirect light but never direct sunlight.

Peace lilies can tolerate a little bit of the morning or evening sun as it is less intense but just keep an eye out for any leaves browning.

To ensure that your plant looks healthy and well kept, we recommend pruning your peace lilies regularly. But, before you start, make sure your planting and pruning tools are sanitized and disinfected.

Peace lilies grow better with a boost of dry slow-release or liquid fertilizer. Fertilizing once in the spring and once in the fall season should be sufficient to keep your peace lily plant well fed.

Protect these delicate blooms from harsh and bitter frost. Simply place your peace lilies indoor when this happens. Outdoor peace lilies enjoy the warmth but the second your notice temperatures rapidly dropping, it is time to bring it inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a peace lily stay outside?

Your peace lily can survive outdoors so long as the temperature does not drop below 55*F. When this happens, you will need to bring it indoors immediately. Otherwise, the leaves will begin to droop and the blooms will turn brown, eventually leading the roots to rot.

It it better to cut the brown tips off your peace lily?

Yes, it is better to cut off the brown tips off your peace lily. If you do not like its appearance or if you simply want to give it afresh appearance, then simply trip those crusty brown edges off.

What fertilizer is good for peace lily?

The best fertilizer for peace lilies is usually a premium quality water soluble plant fertilizer. Any fertilizer with a balanced ratio of 20-20-20 and that which can be diluted to half its strength will be a great option for your peace lilies.


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