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Best Weed Sprayer

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Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer
Editor's Choice
CHAPIN 20000 Garden Sprayer
Best Overall
VIVOSUN 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack

Weeds are unwanted plants that sprout in clusters and patches all around your precious garden. These can be of different types and some may even be invasive such as dandelions and broadleaf weeds. Not only are they unwanted, but they also significantly impact the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

So, is there an easy and quick solution to getting rid of weeds? Of course! Investing in a good quality garden sprayer can do wonders for your lawn. You can use it to spray weed killer solution all over the weeds in your garden and see them disappear before you know it!

Be it a deep, concentrated shower or a fan-sprinkle, a premium quality garden pump sprayer comes with different spray nozzle varieties that you can use according to your needs and intensity of the weed growth. 

Most battery powered backpack sprayers come equipped with all kinds of useful functions that can help to kill weeds effectively.

In these gardening guides we will be discussing the best weed pump sprayers for your garden and how you can eliminate weeds with them. We will also look into the factors you should consider before making an investment in the best weed sprayers.

Let’s get started!

Top Picks for the Best Weed Garden Sprayers

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1. Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer

The Field King Max BackPack tank sprayer is very comfortable and has a reliable manual pump system. It is equipped with an internal pump capable of producing 150 psi of pressure and a 30 foot spraying range. 

This device also includes an integrated agitator, which functions like two fans and blends the contents of the tank as you pump.

The wand includes a built-in filter to protect the nozzle head from dirt. It also has a filter basket that can be placed over the tank aperture as an added layer of protection to stop large particles from going into the tank when it is being refilled.

The spray wand has a stainless steel shaft, making it feel more sturdy than the majority of the plastic-molded wands that come with any battery powered backpack sprayer. 

Additionally, the four adjustable spray heads let you customize the spray pattern to the task at hand. To accommodate either left- or right-handed actuation, the pump handle can be changed.

The device also has a full harness made of breathable cloth that includes padded back protection. This lets the user wear it comfortably for a lengthy period of time without experiencing any issues. There is a waist band to help hold the tank on your back.

The product is ready to use as it is. Simply attach the want and start spraying all over those invasive weeds in your garden.

2. CHAPIN 20000 Garden Sprayer

Smaller gardens and flower beds don’t need to be fertilized with a pricey pump sprayer.This CHAPIN 20000 Garden Sprayer is the perfect option for those that own a smaller garden and want to treat only a small patch of weed growth.

This manual pump sprayer is compact, lightweight, and equipped for light gardening work with a 1-gallon capacity and 12-inch spray wand. You can use the tank sprayers 20 to 25 times before it reaches its maximum pressure capacity. You can also lock the handle in place for your convenience.

Additionally, this CHAPIN garden sprayer comes with a single adjustable nozzle. You can regulate the water stream and pressure with a simple twist. Be it a direct jet or a wide circle of spray, you can adjust the watering style according to your needs.

The premium build of this tank keeps it from leaking water or air. The wand handle is also ergonomically designed and the overall tank sprayer is extremely affordable.

The only drawback is that you may need to refill it more often compared to the other options on this list. This is because this is not a heavy duty weed sprayer.

3. VIVOSUN 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack

If you want a battery powered model of weed sprayer for ease and quick action results, then none can truly match the VIVOSUN weed killer sprayer.

It is an aesthetically designed weed sprayer that gets the job down with minimal hassle. It is designed for homeowners and gardeners who want to enjoy a user friendly, affordable battery powered backpack sprayer for their lawn.

This is undoubtedly one of the best weed sprayers on this list thanks to its impressive 12V battery that can operate for over 8 hours when fully charged. 

There is no need for unwanted interruptions in your gardening any longer. You can spray those pesky weeds all over your garden without worrying about running out of battery.

Additionally, it is extremely easy to carry and it comes with comfortable shoulder straps that makes it easy to move through the garden. 

The sturdy and resilient red plastic shell can take accidental abrasion without scratching or cracking. It also comes with a mesh filter that prevents large particles and debris from flying inside the unit and choking up the tubes.

Finally, this garden sprayer is also extremely easy to clean with its 5-inch opening that is easy to wipe through. The viewing window on the tank also lets you gauge how much weed killer solution is left inside.

This weed sprayer also comes with 4 additional nozzle attachments including the cone, fan, double nozzle, and a 4-hole nozzle.

However, there is no battery indicator on the set and some gardeners have complained that the wand and the tube attached to it simply isn’t long enough.

4. Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump

This battery-powered pump sprayer from Scotts avoids the frequent pumps that manual sprayers usually require. This makes it a great solution for heavier operations. The electric battery is attached at the edge of the handle and you can simply unscrew the wand and plug the charger into the base for operation.

The tank comes with a battery power indicator. Once it is green, it means your tank sprayer is fully charged and ready to use. It is easy and straightforward to operate. Simply press the ON switch at the top of the handle and spray over the unwanted weeds all around the garden.

This weed killer sprayer can spray between 13-15 full tanks of weed killer before it will need to be recharged. The pack only includes one nozzle attachment with the Scotts’ sprayer but it can be twisted to adjust to fan sprayer mode, steam mode, or cone mode.

Though it lacks a comfortable shoulder strap and the overall weight can be a little hard to carry if you’re not used to it. It is also equipped with a pressure relief valve near the handle that helps release pressure in the tank without having weed killer accidentally sprayed on yourself.

5. Sprayers Plus YT25E Battery Sprayer

If you want to make gardening a lot less work and a lot more fun, then we highly recommend this Sprayer Plus YT25E. Getting rid of weeds was never this easy!

A single full battery charge can keep this sprayer running for hours on end so you can enjoy uninterrupted work. Additionally, this weed sprayer maintains 30 psi at all times for ideal spray pressure to tackle the weed grass.

The sprayer is also built with a powder coated brass want that stretches to 2-2.5 feet. The rubber hose attached can stretch to over 50 inches! This makes it easier to get access to all the nooks and crannies in your garden.

This best weed sprayer is equipped with a lithium ion battery and an internal piston pump that can spray between 17-18 tanks full of weed killer in a single charge! It can run for up to 4-5 hours. Whether you wish to spray pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides for weeds, etc., this is a multi-tasking gardening tool that is simply a miracle worker in the garden!

It includes a premium built sprayer, 12V charger with transformer, varieties of nozzles, rubber hose, quality black screen filter, a wand holder, and more.

The only drawback is that its shoulder straps aren’t the most comfortable and it can be hard to carry around.

6. Chapin International 1949 Industrial Open Head Sprayer

This CHAPIN International Open Head Weed Sprayer resembles a fire extinguisher on first look. But, aesthetics isn’t its only charm. This is one of the best weed sprayers in the market thanks to corrosion and rust-resistant built and multitasking abilities.

This steel backpack sprayer can hold up to 3.5 gallons of weed killer liquid. It is equipped with a lined interior that helps combat all forms of erosion and rusting from within. This backpack sprayer can be used for spraying weed killer or even misting your plants, patios, or concrete structures. If you are interested in sprayers for gravel and driveways, check out our picks for the best weed killer for gravel.

This pump sprayer comes with a single nozzle but that’s all it needs. It can be switched to a handy fan sprayer, cone sprayer, or a jet stream sprayer depending on your needs.

It can be quite heavy and bulky and some users have complained about top sealing issues. Additionally, it does not come with a shoulder strap that could make carrying it easier through the garden.

However, despite its shortcomings, this tank sprayer makes a great choice for spraying weed killer or other chemicals like fertilizer or pesticide on your plants.

7. Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer

RoundUp is renowned for its gardening tools and its garden weed killer sprayer is no exception. This is a 4 gallon weed sprayer that can help cover a large area without much hassle. It’s a quick and easy solution to rampant weed growth.

You can even use these backpack sprayers to sprinkle fertilizer, pesticide, or other chemicals all over your plants. 

Want to clean concrete surfaces, or home decks and floors? Use the RoundUp backpack sprayer for ease and convenience! Or, you can also use this for gardening purposes with the best weed killer for flower beds.

It comes with an easy to switch valve attached to a poly want. The latter is built with premium grade materials and is long lasting. There is also a handy locking function on the sprayers that helps to maintain a steady stream.

The in-line filter prevents debris from falling inside and blocking tubes and passages in the tank. More importantly, the gaskets and tank seals are all chemical-safe.

The padded straps attached are not only comfy but can last a long time. You can also attach the waist belt for additional support. This backpack sprayer can be conveniently used for weed killer sprays and other tasks as well.

It is suitable for larger areas and comes with a variety of nozzle attachments. However, some users have complained that the spray tip may leak a bit and that this requires a lot of pumping unlike other backpack sprayers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed Sprayer

Before you purchase a backpack weed sprayer or a pump sprayer to deal with the matter of rampant weed growth, you should consider a number of factors. You should take into account the sprayer types you would require, the pumping style, built, size and tank capacity, overall weight, ease of use, nozzle attachments, etc.

Here are some factors to consider before you buy the best weed sprayers for your garden.

The Right Sprayer Type for Your Weed killer sprayer

Weed killer sprayers come in a variety of types. You may pick one depending on the area of your garden that needs to be treated, as well as your own personal preference.

Handheld Sprayers for Weed Control

This is an applicator that resembles a wand and a plastic or metal basin with a pump. This kind of sprayer is perfect for little jobs like nourishing a flower bed or getting rid of weeds that are growing through a walkway or driveway,

Backpack Sprayer for Weed Killers

As the name suggests, a backpack sprayer can be carried over the shoulders. Compared to a handheld sprayer, this type has a bigger volume and is lighter in weight.

Battery Powered Sprayer for Killing Weeds

A sprayer powered by batteries takes the role of the manual pumping activity needed for a conventional pump sprayer. A small pump that keeps the tank’s pressure at the necessary level to force the liquid through the sprayer nozzle is powered by the battery. 

Battery powered sprayer resembles the function of an ordinary paint sprayer but with less pressure and power. This kind of sprayer is more convenient because there is no longer a need to repeatedly pump the sprayer to maintain pressure in the tank.

Hose End Sprayer for Weeds

As the water flows through the nozzle of a hose-end sprayer, which is attached to the end of the hose, the chemicals are mixed with the water. This kind of sprayer is perfect for covering huge areas because the chemicals are concentrated and the pipe provides an endless supply of water.

Wheel Bottom Sprayer for Weed Killers

A wheel bottom sprayer has a tank mounted on a frame with wheels so the operator can move it about the yard. This kind of sprayer is better suited for larger applications, like treating a full yard, because it can store more liquid than a handheld or backpack sprayer.

The Pumping Style of the Weed Sprayers

Pump sprayers can use a battery-powered pump or a manual piston system to operate. A big handle on a piston-powered sprayer is used to manually pressurize the tank. When the user pulls the trigger, the pressure pushes the liquid out of the nozzle.

As the pump works, the pressure drops, requiring the operator to periodically pump the piston to raise the pressure in the tank. Small electric motors included into battery-operated sprayers create pressure in the tank, removing the need for manual pumping.

Size, Weight, and Tank Capacity

Pump sprayers differ in terms of wand length and tank size. The distance between the user and the nozzle is determined by the length of the wand, which is vital for spraying dangerous chemicals like pesticides and weed killers, etc. 

These can cause damage if they come into contact with human skin or eyes. The wands on most pump sprayers range in length from 15 to 25 inches.

The tank capacity influences how long the sprayer can run before needing to be refilled. Capacity for tiny one-hand sprayers ranges from 34 gallons to 2 gallons for handheld sprayers. Tank sizes for backpack and wheel bottom sprayers range from 4 to 6 gallons.

Additionally, gardeners need to drag or carry the pump sprayer across the garden so the weight of the ideal weed sprayer is also a key factor you should consider. The overall weight of the tank is made up of the liquid weed killer you pour inside.

A gallon can weigh up to 8 pounds. For this reason, a handheld sprayer is the best option thanks to its lightweight build. Wheeled sprayers are the heaviest and can weigh up to 15 pounds!

Nozzle Attachments

The pump sprayer’s output volume and spray pattern are determined by the nozzle. The nozzles on most sprayers may be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to transform the spray pattern from a wide fan to a small stream.

Many sprayers also come with a variety of nozzles that may be changed out to accommodate various application types. These interchangeable nozzles frequently come with a foaming nozzle, a nozzle that can be adjusted, and nozzles with different-sized fans.

Construction and Longevity

Materials for pump-sprayer must be durable enough to withstand the fertilizers and chemicals they contain while remaining light enough to be carried, rolled, or worn on the back. 

As a result, a lot of pump sprayer basins are made of sturdy plastic and feature wands with nozzles made of brass or stainless steel. A few variants have tanks made of stainless steel for greater toughness.

Brass and stainless steel are more dependable and considerably less prone to break than pump sprayers with plastic nozzles, despite the fact that they may be less expensive. These materials are perfect for pump sprayers since they won’t rust or corrode.

FAQs About the Best Weed Garden Sprayers

You should remove the top seal or nozzle and clean it through with a garden hose if your pump sprayer gets clogged. This can be due to a variety of reasons but the most common is debris or other large particles getting lodged in the tubes. Once cleaned, you can always replace the nozzle as well.

No, weed sprayers are not safe to use around children or pets. The sprayer itself is not harmful to pets or children in any way, but if you are spraying weed killer all over the garden, then you may want to keep the little ones away. The toxic fumes in weed killers can cause a serious reaction in children and pets.

No, battery powered backpack sprayers are not better than wheeled sprayers for killing weeds. This is because both are used for the same tasks. Both get the job done. However, when it comes to convenience and ease of use, battery powered models are often better as they are easier to maneuver over a large area.

Bottom Line for the Top Backpack and Pump Weed Sprayers for Garden

The first pick on our list of the top pump and backpack weed sprayers for your garden is the Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer. This reliable garden sprayer is a terrific choice thanks to its pressure and solid build.

In second place is the CHAPIN 20000 Garden Sprayer. This is especially perfect for those with smaller gardens and don’t need a powerful, industrial sprayer. You can use the sprayer 20-25 times before it needs a refill.


Lastly, the VIVOSUN 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack is one of the best battery powered garden sprayers thanks to its sturdy build, quick action result, and great nozzle attachment varieties. 

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.