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Best Liquid Fertilizer

Best Choice
Simple Lawn Solutions 16-4-8 Complete Balanced NPK
Best Budget
Medina HastaGro 12-4-8 Lawn Food
Best Overall
Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Lawn Food

Achieving a lush lawn is no easy task and requires patience, care, and a lot of hard work. None of it is possible without the right fertilizer mixes, be it granular fertilizer, liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate, organic liquid lawn fertilizer, chemical liquid nitrogen fertilizer, etc.

To pick the best liquid food for your garden, we bring to you extensive gardening guides where you can learn all important tidbits about liquid fertilizers and which suits your garden best.

To achieve the perfectly lush lawn, you need to pay good attention to weed control, regular watering, disease control, and of course, pumping your soil with the right type of nutrients so it can grow grass and other vegetation well.

You can learn more about the right kind of fertilizers for your lawn including the most in-demand organic fertilizers and fertilizers for fruit trees, and much more.

Liquid fertilizers are known for quick absorption and they also offer quick and noticeable results. In this article, we bring to you a list of the best liquid lawn fertilizer available in the market. You can also learn all about the best summer fertilizers and other varieties at Your House Your Garden.

Whether you prefer an organic liquid fertilizer or one of the chemical varieties, there is something on this list that is right for you! Keep on reading!

Top pick for best liquid fertilizer

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1. Simple Lawn Solutions 16-4-8 Complete Balanced NPK

Looking for premium quality liquid fertilizers that will not only provide your turf with the required nutrients but also leave it glowing and healthy like never before? This is undoubtedly one of the best liquid lawn fertilizer concentrates that works to strengthen your soil.

It has an NPK ratio of 16-4-8 which helps boost your vegetation with nitrogen that helps with growth and vibrant color. With small amounts of phosphorus and potassium this liquid lawn fertilizer also enhances root growth and health in the long run.

You can use the applicator that comes with it and connect it to a hose to easily and conveniently dilute the mixture and sprinkle it in your garden bed. A single 32 ounce container can cover up to 3200 sq. ft of lawn.

2. Medina HastaGro 12-4-8 Lawn Food

This liquid lawn fertilizer is one of the most budget-friendly options that can easily cover an area up to 16000 sq. ft, which in itself is one of its most impressive features.

Since regular fertilization can be expensive and tiresome, one dose of this liquid lawn fertilizer and 4 doses per growing season is more than enough to enhance the health of your lawn and other vegetation.

As one of the best liquid lawn fertilizers, it can be used in a hose end sprayer and liquid dispenser and sprayed around the garden beds.

It comes mixed with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and also trace minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, and copper.

3. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Lawn Food

If you are struggling to bring back to life a lackluster, brown, or yellow garden, then look no further than this liquid lawn fertilizer. It is packed with a high nitrogen NPK ratio of 29-0-3, which boosts turf health and injects the necessary nutrients into the soils

It is also less messy to handle as it comes with its own applicator that can be connected to a garden hose for easy dilution and sprinkling.

Unlike simple lawn solutions or other liquid lawn fertilizers, this one shows results within a just night or two. With a single 32 ounce bottle of this liquid fertilizer, you can treat 2000 sq. ft of lawn.

Applying it 4 times in the growing seasons will display optimal results, but be sure not to overdo it as it will burn the grass and other vegetation.

4. EZ-gro 20 20 20 Fertilizer – All Purpose

Looking for an all-purpose premium liquid lawn fertilizer that can heal and feed an array of different plants? This liquid fertilizer injects nutrients directly to the root and ensures a healthy and strong growth.

It is packed with a balanced NPK ratio, urea nitrogen, as well as high levels of ammonium. In addition, it is a power blend of manganese, zinc, copper, and iron that work to prevent issues related to deficiencies.

5. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control

One of the standout qualities of this one of the best liquid fertilizer is its dual action properties and versatility. It isn’t just a nutrient-packed lawn food, but it also helps control weed growth.

The Scotts Liquid Turf builder features an impressive NPK ratio of 25-0-2 that helps boost strong plant growth and also achieves a stunning green color for your plants and grass.

In addition to all this, unlike other liquid lawn fertilizers, this one also contains 2,4-D herbicide that prevents the growth of broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clovers without damaging your grass or soil.

If this wasn’t enough, this liquid fertilizer also comes with an applicator that can be easily attached at the end of a hose and diluted with water as it is sprayed all over. A single 32-ounce bottle can easily treat 6000 sq. ft.

Keep in mind that overspraying can kill some desirable plants on the side so always use the amount that is necessary and nothing beyond that.

6. AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients

One of the best liquid lawn fertilizers includes this AeroGarden on the list for its pH buffering qualities which is particularly beneficial for indoor plants. It is also an excellent option for hydroponic gardening use as it helps boost growth and keeps it consistent in the long run.

It is a fast action liquid fertilizer that improves the release and absorption of critical micronutrients. It also comes with terrific shelf life!

7. The Urban Farm Liquid Lawn Fertilizer 13-1-2

For gardeners looking for an extra power liquid fertilizer that can inject natural nutrients into the soil, this Urban Farm’s Liquid lawn fertilizer is a top choice.

It consists of ingredients such as kelp, humic acid, and bat guano, etc. Thanks to its rich nitrogen based NPK of 13-1-2, you can enjoy lush green grass that cannot be achieved with any average liquid lawn fertilizer. The nitrogen element also works as a growth booster.

This lawn fertilizer liquid comes in a 3.78 liter can/jug that is sufficient for 60,000 sq. ft of lawn. For optimal results, we recommend applying liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks.

8. Organic Kelp Fertilizer by GS Plant Foods

This OMRI listed natural lawn care fertilizer contains seaweed extract, Ascophyllum Nodosum, that helps to stimulate plant growth and mineral uptake.

Its versatility stands out among other liquid lawn fertilizers as it can be applied to any soil or plant without worrying about chemical remnants.

The seaweed element in it also helps your plants combat heat, drought, and wind damage. It also stabilizes the chlorophyll levels in your plants which helps in maintaining the lush green color.

In addition, it is extremely easy to apply and can also help promote more buds.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Liquid Fertilizer for Your Backyard

Before you invest in a liquid fertilizer, you should first consider a multitude of factors that may affect your lawn in the long-term. These can include weed infestation, the size of the garden, the speed and efficiency of the product, etc.

Check for Weed or Insect Infestation in Your Garden

Certain liquid fertilizer mixtures offer organic weed and insect additives for your grass.

However, if you have a problem with either, you might consider choosing an organic liquid product that treats both at the same time without the drawbacks that come with inorganic liquid garden fertilizers.

Determine the Size of Lawn Before Your Purchase Fertilizer in Liquid Form

For extremely large lawns, spraying liquid fertilizer could be a fantastic option. Its spray application method is substantially quicker spread all over the turf and other plants in the zone, especially if you use a motorized spraying vehicle.

See if You Require Quick Results

Feeding your lawn with liquid fertilizers gives plants a reasonably quick supply of nutrients that can be utilized to correct specific grass nutritional deficiencies quickly and restore your lawn’s appearance.

But if your lawn’s grass is otherwise already healthy and you want to add supplements or long-term care, think about using granular, slower-releasing nutrients.

Ensure that You Have the Right Equipment to Spray Liquid Fertilizers

Depending on the size of your lawn or garden, applying the best liquid lawn fertilizer might get fairly expensive. For optimal application, specialized equipment is required to effectively spread liquid lawn fertilizer over a big area.

Always take this into account and budget for general lawn and garden maintenance. Otherwise, you may first need to purchase a sprayer, hose, pipe, etc.

How are Liquid Lawn Fertilizers Better Than Granular Fertilizers?

When it comes to the amount of beneficial nutrients, both liquid and granular lawn fertilizers are extremely beneficial and equal. However, they do differ in a variety of other aspects including application and absorption.

Liquid Garden Fertilizers Provide Easy Application of Nutrients

For quick and simple application, most liquid nitrogen fertilizers can be simply connected to a garden hose.

These come in a thick or viscous form and consistency which helps in equal distribution and application, meaning that your entire backyard will receive the same amount of macronutrients.

Granular fertilizers are usually available in powder or grainy form that aren’t always spread equally.

Better Liquid Concentrate in Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers are known to be extremely concentrated. A single bottle lasts a long time and also has a long shelf-life.

Additionally, the product is far simpler to carry and spread throughout the yard than the quantity of granular fertilizer required to spread over the same area, saving you both money, energy, and time.

Quicker Results with Liquid Lawn Fertilizers for Your Garden

The roots and tops of the grass receive nutrients from liquid fertilizers, allowing your lawn to swiftly absorb these nutrients.

On the other hand, granular fertilizers are intended to be a slow-release food that may take longer to work. This is why liquid fertilizers are a far better option for lawn restoration in case of severe damage or burns.

Granular varieties take longer than liquid fertilizers which can heal your turf overnight!

FAQs about Liquid Garden Fertilizers

Yes, liquid lawn fertilizer is better than granular fertilizer. It is better in terms of fast action and quick results. If you want to green up your lawn quickly, you can use a liquid fertilizer concentrate which works and shows results overnight.

Yes, liquid lawn fertilizers last in soil for a long period of time. These can last in soil from one to two weeks before they will have to be reapplied. This can also depend on the different fertilizers but most will require reapplication in 2 weeks.

No, you should not water your plants after applying liquid fertilizer immediately. Always wait for it to dry for at least 3-4 hours before you start watering your plants. You can water right away if you are using granular lawn fertilizers.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.