Glass Tile


Choosing a kitchen backsplash to match your natural stone or quartz countertop is a big decision to make. If you’re a homeowner that’s been looking for a material that complements virtually any kitchen design, glass tiles are a modern, elegant choice to look into. Here’s our guide to glass tile backsplash: what to look for as you shop and ideas for your modern kitchen or bathroom.

The Benefits of Glass Tile

Glass tile is popular as bathroom and kitchen backsplashes because of the following advantages:


For a modern kitchen or a more rustic, classic bathroom, glass tile is extremely easy to style. It’s a gorgeous tile to install in big or small spaces. It is the perfect tile for any room because of its different shapes, colors, and sizes. If you want to find tiles that complement your décor, furniture, walls, or floors, there are glass tiles available in the shade, shape, texture, size, and quantity you are looking for. 


Glass backsplash tile is a durable option for busy areas prone to moisture hot splashes of oil. This low-maintenance material is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Unlike other backsplash materials, glass tiles do not have the crevices for germs, bacteria, and mold to grow in.


A glass backsplash is a sustainable material to install in a kitchen or bathroom. After narrowing down what kind of glass tile you are looking for, browse from the selection of recycled glass that can be incorporated into your space. 

Reflects Light

As a material that naturally refracts and can reflect light, glass tile can brighten up a room. The light that will filter through the window and bounce off your glass tile backsplash can also make a kitchen or bathroom look larger and highlight certain areas of a space like the designer decor or dark grey floor. 

How to Choose Glass Backsplash Tile

Before a kitchen renovation or bathroom makeover, here are the things you need to take into consideration when in the market for glass backsplash tile:


Depending on your style, shop for glass tile that will complete your room. For example, opt for a mix of light grey and white mosaic glass tile to blend in with your white grout. You can also mix up a classic white subway glass tile by using transparent beveled tiles for your backsplash. You don’t just have to settle for traditional styles or functionality, get creative with this project!


Another essential factor to think about as you look through and shop for glass tile is its shape. If your heart desires a traditional look, this is your sign to stick to familiar square or rectangle tile. However, if you’re looking for a more modern take on the tile backsplash project, use a hexagon or circle tile instead. These are gorgeous and are the key to making your walls stand out. 


Choosing a tile finish can make a big difference in the interior design of a space. You can look for a smooth or textured tile to elevate the dark colors of a kitchen. Your glass tile backsplash can be used to reflect light around your space and highlight your quartz countertop. Shop and choose between an opaque frosted tile or more translucent and glossy tile for a modern bathroom. 


There are three glass tile categories that you are free to choose from:

Cast: Cast glass tiles are known for their creases, bubbles, and folds. This type of tile has textured or wavy surfaces.

Fused: Fused glass tile is altered with heat to make various colored and patterned tiles available for different interior styles. Colors and patterns are applied in layers so surfaces vary from being smooth, uniform, textured, and non-uniform.

Coated: Low-temperature coated tile is manufactured by altering a sheet of glass at low temperatures and having coatings that are colored applied to the back of the tiles. 


Discover what backsplash tile size works best for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash by looking through samples. Once you’ve found inspiration, fill up the wall with small tiles to create the illusion of a bigger room. Note that you can use bigger backsplash tile as well but it is recommended to use grout that is a similar or complementary color to your backsplash tile. This way, you are creating cohesion with the tile backsplash. 


After choosing all of the other details regarding your backsplash tile, you need to think about the quality of glass tile you are willing to spend on as well as the installation services you would like to avail of. You will also have to factor in the amount of space on your walls that will need to be covered with tile.
Compared to other backsplash materials, glass mosaic can be pricey. However, there is also a more affordable glass tile backsplash that is grout-free and DIY-friendly compared to traditional kitchen backsplash. You can also choose to mount glass tile by yourself which means that the process will be free of cost. 

Glass tile Backsplash

FAQs on Glass Tile Backsplash

Is glass backsplash hard to maintain?

No, when you shop for a glass tile backsplash, it is one of the most stress-free materials you can buy. There is no need for special cleaners or cleaning services, simply use soapy water to wipe the glass backsplash tile clean. 

How do you prepare a wall for glass backsplash tile?

To prepare the wall for your glass tile backsplash, sand down the surface. For modern, translucent tiles, it is recommended to prime your walls before sanding and applying thinset. This way, the wall is smooth and the wall’s paint will not bleed through. 

If you are not availing of professional installation services, plan out and mark the area on the wall you will be placing your kitchen backsplash. Lay out the tiles on your kitchen countertops and make a dry-fit of the backsplash dimensions. 

Is glass backsplash cheaper than natural stone tile?

Glass tile can be more expensive than a natural stone backsplash if you are purchasing mosaic tiles. Both offer a modern feel to any space but natural stones can be significantly more affordable than their glass counterpart. 

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