Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When narrowing down exactly how your kitchen cabinets should be, you may be thinking about if the door should be kept unfinished, whether or not to select the cabinets with the design available for a limited time, or if one material is better than another.

Here’s what you need to know about kitchen cabinet doors in order to choose the best ones prior to your kitchen remodel or renovation. 

different types of cabinet doors

How to Choose Replacement Cabinet Doors

In order to choose the best kitchen cabinet doors before your kitchen remodeling project, the following factors need to be taken into consideration in order to transform the heart of your house:


Perhaps the most important factor to consider regarding your cabinet doors is your budget. The level of customization, quality, materials, dimensions, and installation will affect the cost of your kitchen cabinet doors. 

After browsing for inspiration on Google, get in touch with manufacturers and contractors to make a more informed estimation of just how much money to replace your cabinet doors. 


The overall aesthetic of the room is something that homeowners will have to decide on in order to select the most suitable new cabinet doors. If your bathroom and kitchen are more on the rustic or traditional side, keeping your cabinetry unfinished or choosing antique hardware may be the best choice for cabinet doors. 

On the other hand, a more minimal interior may benefit some from a simple cabinet door style with no handles or knobs to match the drawer fronts. 

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kitchen cabinet doors


The right accessories can make or break a kitchen cabinet door regardless of the interior design style of a room or space. When you shop for knobs, pulls, and handles for your replacement cabinet doors, think about the exact dimensions, styles, and materials of your kitchen cabinets. 

This way, you can look for more modern knobs or pulls that match the paint of the cabinet doors or a handle that looks fresh and highlights the architecture of your custom kitchen cabinets



More modern interiors make use of cabinet doors with glass fronts in order to reflect light and illuminate a bathroom or kitchen space. Glass is a great way to customize your cabinet door and showcase its contents.


Various wood species are a crowd favorite when homeowners are replacing or purchasing cabinet doors. The most popular types of wood for kitchen cabinets include oak, cherry, pine, maple, and hickory which differ in quality but all have their own charms and create a homey yet sophisticated atmosphere. 

More traditional interior styles will find that wood cabinetry, both semi-custom and fully custom, can elevate a kitchen space. 


Both cabinet doors and drawer fronts made out of steel are very modern and sleek. When you shop for cabinets made out of this material, it is important to take into account the quality of the steel. 

If you have a busy kitchen, this is your sign to invest in stainless steel cabinets because they do a great job at withstanding daily wear and tear. However, traditional kitchens do not usually have this material for their cabinet doors. 


There are also acrylic cabinet doors which are perfect for the bathroom and kitchen because of their high-gloss finish. An acrylic cabinet door is smooth and the material does not shatter, chip, or crack easily which is why you may replace your current cabinet doors with this material. 

Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cabinet doors have a similar look and quality to real wood cabinet doors but are much more affordable and weather-resistant. 

However, more unique colors and high-quality MDF cabinet doors will be on the higher end of the price spectrum which is something to take into consideration when you shop for cabinets made out of this material. 


You may also consider laminate as the material for your cabinet door. Those who have already looked into this material for other elements of their kitchen remodel may know that higher-quality laminate has been designed to be more water and heat-resistant which can be beneficial for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. 


It is important to measure your current kitchen and the dimensions that you need your cabinet doors to be. Whether your cabinet door is going to be custom-made or not, accurately measure its width and depth to make sure that the cabinet doors, regardless of their styles, are a complete fit. 


Replacing your cabinet doors or choosing your first ones requires that you select a certain style or various styles if that suits the interior design of your kitchen better. A cabinet door usually has the following style:

Shaker Cabinet Doors

A shaker cabinet door has a flat center and square edges that have little to no detailing. With its recessed center panel, this is the most popular type of cabinet door style because it is timeless and simple.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

A raised panel cabinet door is on the more traditional side but offers more customization for kitchens that can pull off a little more ornamentation. With its raised center panel and lower frame, this cabinet door style was very popular in the 60s and 70s. 

Raised panel cabinet doors usually feature carvings of intricate patterns that make the kitchen cabinet doors the focal point of a room. 

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