Kitchen Cabinet Wood Doors

Have you been thinking that you need to fill up the kitchen with gorgeous solid wood cabinet doors? While MDF panel and glass doors are sophisticated and have their charms, wood doors have a timeless quality that keeps them in homes for years. Here’s what you need to know about your potential replacement cabinet doors before your kitchen remodeling project.

Different types of wood for cabinet doors

Types of Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

There are different types of wood cabinet doors and the most popular choices are made out of:


Alder is a durable choice for solid wood cabinets despite being a softer variety. Wood doors made out of this material are light brown that has red undertones. When you choose wood and decide on alder for your replacement cabinet doors, older alder has wormhole and knot patterns that go especially well with classic furniture and a rustic-inspired house.  


Another popular choice for cabinet doors is ash, which can easily give your new kitchen a custom look. On the lighter side, ash wood cabinet doors are light brown and have a very clean look which gives new cabinet doors and drawer fronts a fresh vibe. 


Unlike red oak and hard maple, a birch cabinet door is not as dense as its hardwood counterparts. Birch kitchen cabinets have a tight grain that makes it the best material for various finish options. A Birch cabinet door will stain well and can be painted to fit different interior design styles. 


Cherry is renowned for its beauty and elegance which is a favorite high-quality product for kitchen cabinets. Having cherry wood elements in your kitchen is perfect for country or more classic and traditional interiors because of its rich and warm colors. This type of kitchen cabinet door handle paint and stain well. 

Over time, cherry wood develops a patina that creates an air of luxury which is why this type of wood is used for furniture, drawer fronts, drawers, and cabinets. 


Hickory is another durable close-grained choice for your kitchen cabinet doors. Hickory wood doors vary in color with some lighter and others a smokier, dark brown. 


Maple is known for its tight and closed grain and is either a white or off-white cream or a more red, brown shade. A kitchen cabinet door made out of maple stains well and is strong. This is a great choice for kitchen cabinet doors that will take on daily wear and tear. 


Another popular choice among the collection of woods is oak, a household favorite. Not only is this one of the sturdiest materials you can use in a remodel, but oak can also be used for drawer fronts and kitchen cabinet doors that are a simple shaker style or have intricate details. This type of cabinet door thrives and shines if it has a light finish and can instantly elevate a room with its beauty.


Creating beautiful drawer fronts and kitchen cabinets has never been easier with light-grained pecan wood. This type of wood has unique color variations that can be used to integrate your cabinet doors into your interior design style effortlessly. 


If you’re looking for a custom kitchen cabinet collection within your price range, pine cabinet doors are the answer. Not only can you create the kitchen of your dreams when you install pine cabinets with their natural light grain, but you can custom stain or paint them in order to better complement your interior’s style. 


Choose walnut for your cabinet door for a warmer-toned wood option. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts that have a yellow and brown undertone but lighten as they age, walnut might just be your style. 

wooden kitchen cabinet doors
wooden cabinet doors

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Like other materials, wood has its benefits but can also be your kitchen space’s downfall:

Wood Cabinet Doors: Pros

  • A Very Versatile Material: Not only can wood be used for your drawers but different types can be made into fantastic cabinetry or shelves as well. Depending on your style preferences and the room’s overall aesthetic, wooden doors can be tailored to your needs. You can have a combination of glass fronts and wood cabinet doors with a splash of paint that matches your beadboard island. 

  • Timeless and Will Last for a Long Time: Solid wood cabinet doors are not just crafted with care to look pretty, but they are designed to last for years under your care. Whether or not you have a simple cabinet door, the material itself will stand out and speak for itself. 

  • Sophisticated Choice: Wood for kitchen cabinets and drawers has been the preferred choice for years because it exudes elegance and age. 

  • A Sustainable Option: The process of crafting a wooden cabinet or drawer is more sustainable because it is a renewable resource. Unlike materials made out of petroleum, wood doors are eco-friendly. Additionally, a wood cabinet door is durable compared to other options that you come across as you browse the internet. 

Wood Cabinet Doors: Cons

  • Susceptible to Water Damage: Unlike other cabinet doors, wood can be damaged by water. A bit of water leaking over time or a sudden flood can cause the cabinets to absorb the moisture and swell. 

  • Can Warp of Crack Over Time: When exposed to high humidity, wood will shrink, warp, or crack. 

  • Higher Price Point Than Other Cabinets: Though more affordable than glass panels, you will have to pay more for wooden doors compared to ones with an MDF panel or made out of particleboard. 

  • Can Be Damaged By Termites: Any wooden element is susceptible to damage if they are infested by termites and your cabinet doors are no different. 

wooden kitchen cabinet installation by YHYG
wooden kitchen cabinet installation by YHYG 2

How to Choose the Best Wood Cabinet Doors

Seen this as a sign to shop for wood cabinet doors? Here’s how to choose the best ones:

Types of Cabinet Doors

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat or recessed-panel cabinet doors are sleek and more used in modern contemporary rooms. This is more your style if you are looking for a simple and timeless door. 

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Over the past 40 years or so, raised panel cabinet doors have reigned supreme. This type of cabinet door features a raised center panel and is versatile which makes it suitable for both traditional and modern interior design styles. 

Type of Wood

Along the kitchen cabinet selection process, you will have to decide on what type of wood you prefer. Shop for different varieties of one certain type of wood and take note of how it looks compared to your current cabinet door or if the replacement cabinet doors suit your goal interior. 


The best door for you is one that you are willing to take care of. Some solid wood cabinet doors are easier to take care of than others and you will need to take note of days with high humidity or any water leaks. 


Of course, the price point of wood cabinet doors is important. As you shop for your wooden cabinets, you will notice that maple has the highest price point while oak is more affordable and pine is the cheapest wood on the market. 

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wooden kitchen cabinets installation by YHYG 4
wooden kitchen cabinets installation by YHYG 5
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