Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The farmhouse kitchen has become a popular choice for homeowners looking for ways to embrace the rustic and welcoming interior design style. While there are different ways to put together a farmhouse kitchen, choosing the right type of farmhouse kitchen cabinets can make or break your space. You may think that farmhouse kitchen cabinets are limited to plain wooden cabinets or very simple cabinetry that has just been painted white, but there are various ways to incorporate farmhouse style cabinetry into a space. Here are our favorite cabinets to that you can choose from to complete your farmhouse kitchen!

What is the Farmhouse Interior Design Style?

The farmhouse style emerged out of necessity and is known for its natural materials, simplicity, and rustic elements. It was only in the late 20th century that the farmhouse-style interior became an aesthetic choice and has elements such as open shelving, stainless steel appliances, farmhouse sink, butcher block kitchen island, wood beams, natural light, and mason jars that make up the modern farmhouse. Similar to the rustic and cottage style, a farmhouse-style home is inviting and can be given a modern look. 

farmhouse kitchen cabinets

What Makes Up Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

An important element in the classic farmhouse kitchen is the farmhouse cabinets. Farmhouse kitchens can easily incorporate, shaker-style cabinets, dark wood cabinets, back cabinets, and even open shelving near the breakfast nook. Whether you are planning on making your farmhouse kitchen cabinets the focal point of a space, farmhouse style cabinetry is usually:

  • Wooden to match your exposed beams or butcher block kitchen island
  • Typically simple for a more welcoming and casual setting 
  • Made out of natural materials and colors
  • Dull metal pulls, knobs, or handles that compliment your oversized sink or other metal elements in the farmhouse-style kitchen
  • Farmhouse kitchen cabinets can have carved details that add a little flair
  • Farmhouse kitchen cabinets can have recessed panels and simple hardware
  • Farmhouse kitchens will usually have shaker cabinets
farmhouse kitchen cabinets white
farmhouse kitchen cabinets grey

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If your existing kitchen cabinets do not necessarily fall under the farmhouse kitchen style, here are a few ways to incorporate the rustic, lived-in style. Our favorite farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas include:

White Farmhouse Cabinets

White farmhouse cabinets are arguably the most popular among the various farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas. Traditional or modern farmhouse styles can easily incorporate white cabinets by either purchasing the white cabinets from a manufacturer or painting your current kitchen cabinets. 

Dark Wood and Bright White Cabinets

The modern farmhouse kitchen can definitely mix up light and dark accents while staying true to the farmhouse style. Install dark wood farmhouse kitchen cabinets and pair them with bright white cabinetry.

Custom Raw Wood Cabinets for an Unfinished Look

To really embrace the farmhouse kitchen style, leaving your custom kitchen cabinets raw and without a coat of paint or glaze is a simple way to step into the farmhouse style. Raw wood in the farmhouse kitchen is charming and can match your pantry door or wooden kitchen island.

Cool Gray Shaker Style Cabinets

Switch up your plain shaker farmhouse kitchen cabinet by painting it gray. Gray is a very neutral color that can complement the veining on marble countertops or your farmhouse sink. Farmhouse kitchens that are white or black will be able to pull off this type of farmhouse kitchen cabinet. 

Glass Cabinet Doors for a Modern Flair

Another great way to put together farmhouse kitchens is by taking advantage of the natural light and installing glass cabinet doors into your wood cabinetry. Not only can the glass cabinet doors showcase all of your rustic pots and pans, but they can bounce light around a space and onto the kitchen island to make your farmhouse-style kitchen look bigger. 

Dark Oak Cabinets to Match Wood Accents Around the Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets that are made out of a dark oak are timeless and are a smart way to complement the other wooden elements found in farmhouse kitchens. Opt for a lighter backsplash to really make the farmhouse kitchen cabinets pop. 

An Open Shelving Plan for a Rustic Vibe

Any farmhouse-style kitchen can benefit from shelves and cabinets. To really make the most of a kitchen, utilize the space above cabinets and install shelves for your decor, dinnerware, or drinkware. 

Beige Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinets

For the farmhouse-style kitchen that is more neutral, beige cabinetry will fit right in. By using a light color, you can highlight other elements in your farmhouse kitchen like the kitchen island or your oversized porcelain sink. 

Exposed Beams, Upper Cabinets, and Floating Shelves

Bring together all of the wooden accents by using one type of wood for the exposed beams, upper cabinets, and shelves around your farmhouse kitchen. If you are using different types of wood, look for materials that have similar shades of brown to the wood grain of elements already in your kitchen. 

A Paneled Cabinet for a More Contemporary Farmhouse

While farmhouse kitchen cabinets are simple in nature, you can add a little flair by installing paneled cabinets. A simple way to highlight the paneling is by glazing the cabinets which you can do by yourself to really give those farmhouse kitchen cabinets an antique look.

Blue Cabinets Perfect for the Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Blue cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen are also very welcoming and add a pop of color to a space filled with natural materials and their colors. Bue cabinetry can still give your space the rustic feel found in a farmhouse kitchen if you paint them yourself or purchase ones that have a somewhat distressed design. 

Black Countertops and Matching Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

For darker interiors with black counters, installing black cabinets or painting your current farmhouse kitchen cabinets a shade of black will still fit into the theme but not become the main attraction in the space. Keep your farmhouse kitchen cabinets simple if you’re going with a darker color palette. 

Olive Green Instead of the Classic White Cabinets

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are not limited to just white or natural wood and can be painted a gorgeous olive green to bring your guest’s attention to the trees outside of the window or the plants on the kitchen island. Olive green in a farmhouse kitchen can also complement your green backsplash or decor. 

Beadboard Cabinets to Match Your Beadboard Backsplash

If you’ve been having a hard time looking for ways to tie your beadboard backsplash into your farmhouse kitchen, install beadboard cabinets. Not only are beadboard cabinets still simple and perfect for a farmhouse kitchen, but they can be left unpainted or be painted and glazed to match the other colorful elements in your kitchen. 

Hardwood for Your Beautiful Farmhouse Cabinets and Granite Countertops

For the farmhouse kitchen that already has a granite countertop, hardwood cabinets pair well with this kitchen element. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets that are made out of hardwood can pull off having more ornate accessories or simple antique knobs. 

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