Kitchen Cabinets


Create the kitchen of your dreams! Here’s our guide to choosing the best kitchen cabinets for your house:

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

Types of Cabinets

After deciding how much you would like to spend on your kitchen cabinets, you can choose from different cabinet grades which is your cabinets’ quality of construction:

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: for truly unique and made-to-order kitchen cabinets, custom cabinetry gives your control over style, construction, material, hinges, and hardware which makes it the most expensive type of cabinet.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

also known as RTA, these are build-it-yourself cabinetry that is affordable but does not last for a long time. They can either be assembled by you or a professional.

Semi-custom Kitchen Cabinets

as a mid-range option, this type of kitchen cabinetry are usually stock cabinets that have custom shelving, doors, or hardware. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets can also be part of a collection where there are a set of certain materials and sizes you can choose from.

Stock Cabinets

this type of cabinet is cost-friendly and more durable than ready-to-assemble cabinets. Stock cabinets can be bought from manufacturers and are offered in different materials but are available in standard or specific sizes only.

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Think About Function

After deciding whether you’d prefer a ready-to-assemble or fully assembled cabinet, there are different types of cabinetry that will go into your kitchen:

Base Cabinets: as a base for your drawers and countertops, these kitchen cabinets act as support as well. They are customizable for when you need more storage which means that you can have pullout racks, shelving, or other divisions. 

Specialty Unit Kitchen Cabinets: these are the cabinetry that you would find in corners or under your island. To make the most out of specialty unit cabinets, choose ones that will maximize storage and help you stay organized.

Pantry (Tall) Cabinets: pantry cabinets are tall, rest on the floor, and act as vertical storage spaces. You can have hooks or shelves attached for more storage. 

Kitchen Wall Cabinets: attached to the wall, these cabinets are meant to be accessed while standing and can make your kitchen look bigger because they are hung.

Materials to Choose From

When you shop for cabinets, you will decide what material would best fit into your budget and the overall aesthetic of your dream kitchen. Your House Your Garden recommends choosing from the following materials:

Hardwood: this type of cabinetry is a durable and beautiful option for your new kitchen. Homeowners typically choose from include maps, cherry, or hickory and select the type that will best suit the room.

Laminate: laminate is made out of paper, a layer of color, and a protective layer that protects the material. This is a budget-friendly option that can last long if you choose a high-quality laminate for your cabinetry.

Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF): MDF is made out of resin and wood fibers that can match the rest of your kitchen.

Melamine: another option is melamine which you may be familiar with because it is used in plates. Thin layers of engineered wood have the chemical applied so that the material becomes water-resistant. Manufacturers offer melamine cabinets in different styles, colors, patterns, and prints. 

Particleboard: wood fibers that are course are bound together and then compressed into boards. This type of cabinet material cannot be stained or painted which is why it is covered with a layer of laminate, wood veneer, or Thermofoil.

Plywood: this affordable material is constructed of glued layers that are laminated a layer of hardwood veneer which creates a versatile and strong option.

Stainless Steel: usually used in professional kitchens, metal can be used to add a modern and futuristic vibe. While this material is durable, it is known for easily being scratched.

Thermofoil: Thermofoil cabinets are similar to laminate ones but are made out of vinyl film.

Wood Veneer: a more budget-friendly alternative to real hardwood, there is a thin wood layer attached to a cheaper core material that can mimic how maple looks for example.

Door Design Options

Your kitchen cabinet door style can tie everything in your kitchen together. Manufacturers usually have door samples available. When you shop, cabinets can have doors with the following designs:

Applied Molding Doors: decorative, complicated, and intricate moldings or trims are popular in custom cabinets.

Arched Cathedral Door Style: cabinet doors with this style has a panel with a steep rounded arch at the top of your cabinet door that can be raised or flat.

Beaded Door Style: also known as beadboard, solid wood pieces are vertically lined to make a cabinet door.

Flat Panel Doors: this type of door has a recessed center panel that has raised edges which are a simple and aesthetic option.

Raised Panel Doors: there is a raised center for this type of cabinet door which highlights hardwood cabinets the most.

Mission Door Style: with a frame, this flat panel door is usually made out of oak or is stained to highlight the wood grain.

Mullion Door Style: for those who wish to showcase their cabinet’s contents, this cabinet door has a wood frame and a glass panel in the center which work like windows. 

Shaker Doors: shaker cabinets are the most popular in American kitchens and have plain rails with flat center panels that can be made out of any wood like maple or cherry.

Slab Style: your cabinet doors can also be made with a seamless surface for a contemporary feel. 

Cabinet Overlay

You will also have to choose what type of cabinet frame you would like attached to the cabinet box. Cabinet door overlay or how much frame you would like to have can vary and include:

Full Overlay: you will need hardware for your cabinets because there is not a lot of space in between the drawer box doors as most of the face frame is covered.

Inset Doors: installed flush within the 1 ½ inch face frame, you can choose to leave your hinges exposed and what hardware to install to best suit the style of your drawers and new kitchen.

Partial Overlay: partial overlay face frames are the most common and affordable and there is 1 inch to 1 ¼ inches of an exposed frame on cabinet doors. 

Choose a Color or Finish

Duraform-finish Cabinets: coating and foil are bonded to MDF with pressure and heat. This finish is for homeowners who want to create cabinets that are low-maintenance, heat, fading, and humidity-resistant.

Glazed Cabinets: a layer of glaze can make your painted cabinets stand out and highlight moldings or trimming.

Painted Cabinets: painting cabinets one solid color is a great way to go for a clean, minimal look. Apply a gloss or satin finish so that there is a lower chance of staining and your cabinets will be easier to clean. 

Stained Cabinets: a stain is applied to cabinets to protect them, enhance the color, or wood grain of cabinetry. 

Thermofoil Cabinets: as a combination of vinyl and MDF, Thermofoil cabinets are easy to clean, are long-lasting, and can mimic the appearance of painted cabinets. 

Unfinished Cabinets: leave your cabinets as they are without any varnish, staining, or paint to complete your rustic kitchen space.

Cabinet Hardware or Accessories

After narrowing down all of the other details, choosing from different types of hardware to fit your kitchen style is the last step of the shopping process. Add-ins have many benefits depending on what you need for a drawer box or space. For inspiration you can purchase drawer glides, shelf hardware, organizers, brass knobs, under cabinet lighting, matte black drawer pulls, tip-out trays, or lit glass display shelves.

Kitchen Cabinets


What is the average cost to replace kitchen cabinets?

The rates range from $500 to $1200 per square foot of space to replace kitchen cabinets. When you are putting together money for this area of your home renovation or remodel, it will cost about $1000 to $1250 to install your kitchen cabinets.

What is the difference between framed and frameless kitchen cabinets?

Before you shop, you need to check whether or not your kitchen will benefit from frames attached to your cabinets or not. Framed ones are better for kitchens with more space and frameless cabinets are best for small kitchens. 

Are custom cabinets the best?

Yes, you will spend more money but custom kitchen cabinets will create a unique kitchen space. They can be customized to mimic traditional styles but be reinforced with security measures. You can also choose to get ones that are painted to be the exact shade of your kitchen or highlight the maple accents in your kitchen. Though the prices are higher, custom options will generally work correctly and last the longest. 

Are drawers better?

You may notice that traditional kitchens have dark kitchen cabinets but more modern ones have different types of drawers. While drawers vary in size and can store different items, cabinetry is very customizable and can vary to fit your needs. 

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