Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Today, modern kitchen cabinets are not defined by a single style, size, or color because every “modern” kitchen is different. Some homeowners will give their kitchen a modern look by installing a marble island, investing in the latest high-tech appliances, having reclaimed wood furniture, or smart storage solutions

As each interior design style is unique, an interior designer or homeowner’s take on modern kitchen cabinets will differ as well. Here’s our guide to the different types of modern cabinetry that you can expect to see this year. 

Modern Cabinets

The modern interior design took off during the 1930s and was known for its minimalist look, flat surfaces, bold geometric décor (e.g., handleless cabinetry), and accents. Today, modern cabinets in kitchens still have a minimalist feel but can have curves, and bold colors, and are paired with various materials that make up the backsplash, furniture, island, counters, and accents in a space. Modern cabinets were designed to fit into a warehouse or loft-style space.

Modern kitchen cabinets


In order to decide what modern kitchen cabinets are best for you, there are different design styles that help the interior look more put together. Some modern kitchen design elements feature natural light, clean lines, functional space-saving solutions, pops of color, or walls that are painted a neutral color. Whichever style you gravitate more towards, there are different modern kitchen cabinets that suit that particular interior design style. 


Modern minimalism is a little different from the plain white cabinets in kitchens of the 1960s. Today, minimalist interior design features clean lines, soft colors, and interesting textures. Different elements of a modern kitchen still come together to give a space a streamlined look by matching the countertops with the cabinetry or making sure that the sink complements the color of the appliances. Every corner and element of a modern minimalist-inspired home is practical and has its function. 


European interiors during the 1930s up to the 1950s were known for their interesting geometric forms and curves found in furniture. Modern European cabinetry is characterized by its flush cabinet doors that are often flat by design and minimal hardware. Other elements in the kitchen are a mix of natural and man-made materials which is why this type of kitchen can have a Walnut counter but a Corian floor. 

This contrast between the old and the new will bring a small kitchen together and create a beautiful atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the modern kitchen cabinets are the focal point of a room because of their pop of color or high gloss finish. 


As for the contemporary interior style, this style adapts principles from the minimalist approach. A contemporary modern kitchen, for example, will have a simple design that features sleek and clean lines. This type of contemporary kitchen may have metal lighting, light wood elements, and smooth, high-gloss finishes. A contemporary interior will also make use of natural materials which can make up the floor, a table, or the kitchen cabinets. Designers may also create a contemporary kitchen by choosing individual elements that have different geometric forms but complement each other in the overall kitchen design. 

As for the appliances in a modern contemporary kitchen, a microwave may be stored away in the drawers and other stainless steel gadgets will be put away in storage boxed from big box stores. This way, there is no clutter on the kitchen island or underneath the kitchen cabinets. 


Another take on the modern kitchen is the chic industrial interior style. Some industrial interior ideas include a brick wall or two, exposed pipes, high ceilings, metal lighting fixtures, wood beams, and stainless steel or retro appliances. Usually, a modern industrial kitchen design features an open plan which means easy access to the rest of a loft or warehouse-style apartment. 

Modern kitchen cabinets in an industrial interior can be made out of stainless steel but a modern cabinet can also be concrete-like be painted with more toned-down colors like black. An industrial modern cabinet can also be made out of wood and match floating shelves filled with dinnerware. 


For modern cabinet ideas, here’s some inspiration that will complete the interior of this room:


If your kitchen design is all about efficiency and making sure that there is space for everything, install sky-high cabinets. With cabinetry near the ceiling, you can get extra storage space above the hood or refrigerator. 

Metal Grate

Installing metal grate doors onto your cabinets is a great way to add a fresh texture, incorporate sleek metal elements, or tie your cabinetry into the industrial interior you have created. Cabinets with a metal grate door can also be used to match drawers around the kitchen or the high-quality steel appliances.


Built-in cabinetry is a great way to streamline a kitchen because a cabinet can be installed alongside drawers or connected to the island. A built-in cabinet can be modified to complement different interior design styles and can create continuity in a fully-outfitted kitchen. 


Pastel cabinets can be installed into a kitchen to add a pop of color, add a contemporary feel, or be used to lighten up a room. Kitchen cabinetry with pastel paint can be used to match the backsplash or other decorative elements. 


Adding metallic cabinetry in the kitchen will elevate the look and feel of a cabinet. Unlike other materials like wood, a metallic kitchen cabinet is sleek and is often high-quality. Kitchen cabinets can either be painted with metallic paint or completely made out of steel. Designers will be able to show you the difference between the two and you can decide what works better for your kitchen, budget, and aesthetic preferences. 


You may have already seen floating kitchen cabinets at a showroom and this is a great way to add a contemporary and open feel. Modern kitchen cabinets that float can be used to fill up empty spaces on the wall or add custom kitchen cabinets that vary in height or shape. A floating kitchen cabinet can also make the room look more spacious and less cluttered. 

Fancy Hardware

Designers can instantly increase the quality of a kitchen cabinet by upgrading its knob, pull, or hardware. An easy way to change up a cabinet or make sure that the cabinetry complements different interior design styles is by switching up the hardware. Looking for high-quality or vintage hardware pieces is a very popular modern kitchen cabinets trend. 


Another way to transform your room into a modern kitchen is by installing cabinetry with a glossy finish, High-gloss kitchen cabinets are sleek and will reflect light. You can choose to purchase paint with a glossy finish (e.g., lacquered) or look for services that can add a high-gloss finish to your existing walnut cabinets. 

Cabinets in One Corner

Another upcoming trend is installing all kitchen cabinetry in one area or corner. This can free up space, encourage you to be more organized, and prioritize items in the kitchen. 


Another contemporary interior design idea is mixing and matching materials for the modern cabinet. Modern cabinetry can be a mix of imported wood and quartz or a combination of steel and laminate. A mixed material cabinet adds contrast while bringing different elements together. This way, there are different textures and this type of cabinetry can be used for zoning. 

Glass Door

In your local showroom, you may have already seen cabinet doors that are made out of glass. These cabinets in a modern kitchen give you the opportunity to see the contents, reflect natural light around the kitchen, or hide applianced with an opaque door. 


Wood-paneled cabinet doors are another style popular in contemporary kitchens. The grooved surfaces add a different texture to the cabinetry and the lines can elongate a cabinet. 

Black Cabinets

Black cabinetry incorporated into your kitchen design is another modern trend. The black cabinet doors look chic and are practical for busy kitchens. Not only do black cabinets hide imperfections, but this is an easy color to match drawers, countertops, and backsplash with.


A fun way to give your kitchen a modern look is to have multi-color cabinetry. Adding two or more complementary colors can help you tie together different elements of the kitchen but also highlight your cabinets. For a contemporary space, stick with neutral shades and go for darker colors in an industrial kitchen. Minimalist homeowners should choose colors already found in the kitchen while European-inspired interiors can get away with brighter colors. 

Modern Art

Inspired by a certain artist or art piece? Incorporate modern art into your kitchen design! Either have art painted directly onto your cabinetry or use the color palette of your favorite piece instead. 


Designers are also big fans of triple-tier cabinets in the modern kitchen. While not all of these cabinets have to be installed all the way up to the ceiling, the different heights and levels give the kitchen clean lines and a streamlined look. 


Sliding doors are also a modern cabinetry trend. For homes with a smaller kitchen design, having sliding doors may be a space-saving solution but it also offers an easy way to retrieve the contents of your cabinetry.


Installing your own lighting or buying backlit cabinetry is very modern. The lights help with easily identifying the cabinets but also highlight your cabinetry. 


Handle-less or hardware-free cabinetry is popular in European and minimalist-style homes. Choose these types of cabinets for a simple but stylish look. 


Modern Kitchen Cabinets
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