Corian Countertops


Choosing different materials to fill up an interior can be challenging because you have to choose ones that complement each other or fit into the overall style. If you’ve been considering Corian as an alternative to quartz or a granite countertop, here’s what you need to know about the material. 

What is a Corian Countertop?

Corian or Solid Surface was the first engineered stone countertop material that was introduced by DuPont in 1971. This man-made material is a blend of polyester resins and natural minerals that are molded into different shapes. The solid surface material was designed to look like natural stone but be non-porous which makes it such an ideal surface. 

While the solid surface material is associated with the popular brand DuPont, other brand names that manufacture and offer installation services include Formica, Wilsonart, and Swanstone.

Corian Solid Surface

What are the advantages of having Corian countertops?

Choosing this particular material over any other for your counters is beneficial because a solid surface is known for being:

Non-porous Surface

As a solid surface that is non-porous throughout the entire material, Corian is a great choice for your countertop. Being impervious to liquids, spills and splashes won’t stain your solid surface countertop. Both a bathroom and kitchen countertop will be easy to clean and do not need to be sealed like natural stone materials.


While known for being durable, if your Corian countertop is scratched, scorched, or chipped, it is easily repairable. Either use abrasive scrubbing or sand down the surface if it does not need to be entirely replaced. 


Unlike other materials on the market, Corian can be shaped to your liking. Whether you’re choosing a familiar rectangular countertop or are opting for some curves here and there, Corian is completely versatile.

It is also manufactured in every color, pattern, and finish imaginable. So, you don’t have to worry about whether or not a Corian countertop will complement the interior design of your kitchen or bathroom no matter what kind of backsplash you have. This material can also imitate marble, quartz, wood, and granite countertops but won’t break the bank.


Designed to mimic other materials, solid surface countertops are typically a more affordable choice than granite or marble per square foot. Of course, this depends on the color you choose and the product’s fabrication. 


Being made out of a non-porous material, solid surface countertops are low-maintenance. In contrast to natural countertop materials, Corian doesn’t need sealing or polishing and it is stain-resistant and more scratch-proof than other materials.  The only maintenance required is protecting the countertop from an extremely hot pan, cutting directly on the surface instead of using cutting boards, and occasional cleaning with soap and water. 

corian solid surface island and countertop makeover by YHYG team
corian solid surface kitchen island by YHYG

How to Choose a Corian Solid Surface Countertop

When you are narrowing down what kind of solid surface countertops to install in your new kitchen or bathroom, here are a few things to take into consideration:


Being man-made, a solid surface countertop is available in every shade and hue of the colors of the rainbow. Generally, Corian solid surface countertops are slabs that will have color throughout the surface so maintaining their appearance is no issue. In fact, choosing a color other than white can be an advantage because the patterns can disguise staining, marks left from moisture, and scratches until you clean it up. Choose a neutral color to complement your Corian sinks or a bright one to match your laminate floor tiles. 


One of the features solid surface countertop is that it is a material that is a continuous slab filled and processed so that a pattern is consistent. Choosing the right pattern for your countertops can create cohesion in a space or cause your solid surface countertop to be the focal point of a room. 

Look through Corian tile samples to see if your interior would be complete with a faux granite, quartz, stone, or other natural material finish for your countertop. There are also speckled countertops to give your solid surface a metallic appearance. You can also choose a surface that is designed to be backlit. 


After choosing your countertop color and pattern, there are three different finishes to choose from:




A majority of solid surface countertops go through the manufacturing process and are created with a Matte or Satin finish so that after they are installed, there is a high-end and quality feel. All Corian sinks also have a Matte or Satin finish. 


Corian countertops can be installed with the support of a professional service or can be a process done by yourself. With the right tools, you can install Corian countertops just as easily as granite or quartz variations to cut down on the cost and spend more money on other areas of your kitchen renovation like tile backsplash or new appliances.

FAQs on Solid Surface Corian

Is Corian Cheaper than granite?

Yes, a granite countertop is more expensive which is why it is more cost-efficient to purchase Corian countertops. This way, you can have the look of granite but at a more affordable price point. 

What are the disadvantages of Corian Countertops?

This material though durable and great for stains is not completely heat resistant. 

Additionally, it is not the best material for countertops that you want to have for a lifetime. For example, Corian can last up to 10 years, quartz 20 years, and granite up to 100 years. 

Can you put hot pans on Corian countertops?

No, it is a good practice not to place hot pans directly on your countertops because the heat can cause damage. Use hot pads for any pans hotter than 212ºF (100ºC.)

Are Corian counters outdated?

No, technology has made this material popular around the world because it is so versatile and offers homeowners functionality. It may have started off as a material in one color, but it is now available in pretty much every color imaginable. It will also remain a popular choice for those looking for material like granite something similar to a quartz countertop

corian solid surface kitchenette installed by YHYG team