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Best Planter For Monstera – Top Picks for Monstera Planters for Your Home

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Modern Cylinder Ceramic Monstera Plant Pot with Stand
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PEACH & PEBBLE White Ceramic Monstera Pot Set
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GARDIFE Self Watering Planters

One of the most unique indoor plants is indeed the beautiful monstera plant. With its large leaves and interesting patterns, it is sure to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of your home.

Monstera plants are easy and fun to grow and while moist soil, premium quality fertilizer, and sufficient access to sunlight are all crucial elements when growing a monstera plant, the right or best pot for monstera is just as important if not more so!

With our extensive gardening guides, you can learn all about the monstera plant and how you can look after yours.

When selecting the best pot, you may want to consider size, construction, space, drainage holes, etc. There are several different types of containers you can invest in including plastic pots, ceramic pots, glazed ceramic pots, terracotta pots, concrete pots, clay pots, metal pots, etc.

Each is unique in its properties and can support your monstera in different ways. However, concrete pots, terracotta pots, and ceramic pots are often the best pot choice thanks to their better aeration qualities that keep the plant’s roots safe against rot.

In this article we will discuss the best planter for monstera and the key factors you should keep in mind before purchasing a planter for your indoor monstera. Keep on reading!

Top Picks for Monstera Plants

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7 Best Planters for Monstera - Our Top Picks

1. Modern Cylinder Ceramic Monstera Plant Pot with Stand

This stylish and elegant variety is the right pot for your monstera. It has a really lovely combination of modern and traditional aesthetic.

It stands out wherever you place it and its elegant wooden stands add to its appeal and functionality.

This ceramic pot measuring 9.4″ (W) x 6.9″ (H) is a perfect option if you’re searching for a fashionable pot for your Monstera and that also adds character to your indoor spaces. It isn’t that hefty for a ceramic saucepan at 6.89 pounds.

It has a center drain hole in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Even if you overwater the potting soil, you can still prevent the roots from rotting due to too much moisture.

In addition, this beautiful pot is extremely easy to clean and with just a wipe, it will be good as new again.

However, it is only 6.9 inches high, which makes it slightly shorter compared to some other varieties available and it only comes with a single drainage hole.

2. PEACH & PEBBLE White Ceramic Monstera Pot Set

This sleek and modern twist on a classic monstera planter is just what you need for your favorite plant!

It has elegant, soft edges with a brilliant matte white finish that perfectly complements any contemporary decor.

The average plastic pot, nursery pot, and fiberglass planters pale in comparison to premium porcelain glazed ceramic pots.

This plant pot is handmade in small batches by experienced craftsmen and is constructed with specialized kiln fire techniques.

Additionally, these plants come with an excellent drainage hole that helps maintain the root health and enhances growth whilst also reducing any risk of root rot.

You can also find a ribber stopper inside the packaging for optional use.

3. GARDIFE Self Watering Planters

These indoor plastic planters come in 6 various sizes and are ideal for growing most smaller and medium-sized houseplants and office plants.

They work great with plants like orchids, succulents, aloe vera, flowers, air plants, and snake plants to add color to your home.

Planters with a matte finish and a simple modern design create a minimalist look. The pots bring out a trendy, attractive look for any home or workplace design without looking out of place and inconsistent with the overall aesthetic.

They are ideal for houseplants of varying shades.

There are numerous drainage holes at the bottom of these flower pots to help prevent flooding the roots. The openings and watering lip offer the plant roots excellent aeration which helps considerably reduce the issue of root rot. 

The saucer was created as a reservoir that can hold large amounts of water at once to provide plants with adequate water supply for days on end without having to do it yourself frequently.

Plant flooding is no longer a concern thanks to a separate reservoir that totally divides the space for plant growth from the environment for water storage.

More importantly, these thick plastic pots shield your delicate plants and soils as they are constructed with durable recycled plastic.

The premium polypropylene material used makes these pots sturdy without being too heavy.

4. Metal Monstera Planter Set with Stands

These chic, ultra-modern metal containers with stands come with two premium iron pots and square bases made of the same metal.

These are excellent for a minimalist interior design and are also available in two sizes: the small planter is 7.75” diameter and 7” tall with a total height with stand is 19”, and the large pot is 9” diameter and 7.7” tall with a total height with stand is 27.75”.

Sturdy, highly durable, and extremely unique in appearance, these plant pots can be used for outdoor monstera plants as well as indoor ones and they also do not require any assembly.

5. Kante Lightweight Concrete Modern Outdoor Monstera Pot

This pot will look gorgeous with your precious Monstera plant in it, no matter where in your house you place it.

It stands out immediately thanks to its modern-contemporary design and overall sensation

This handmade Monstera pot is made of concrete and is completely unique and perfect for collectors as it is not mass-produced at all.

Its overall quality reveals that it was skillfully crafted. This stunning pot is robust, resilient, and resistant to weather damages.

It has a UV-resistant finish, so you might use it outside as well be it on deck or patio. 

In addition, it is a sizable Monstera pot that is 12 inches tall and 14 inches broad. For fully grown Monstera varieties and bigger types, larger pot sizes are preferable because they require that much area.

But, keep in mind that due to its size and weight, this pot isn’t easy to carry or move around.

6. Decorative Ceramic Monstera Planter Set

The straightforward succulent container is adorned with chic leaves in a design that was inspired by trendy houseplant foliage.

Transform your living space into a fashionable, modern interior straight out of an interior decor magazine with these pot sets.

These plant pots are composed of premium ceramic and undergo an intricate crafting and styling process, giving them an unique beauty. They are sturdy and have a long lifespan.

There is sufficient room for growing plants, and the ceramic pot’s drainage hole will prevent the plants from flooding.

If you are growing herbs, succulents, or African violets, then these stunning pots are an excellent investment.

7. Self Watering Plastic Monstera Planters

Extra water can be stored in the plate of this splendid two-tier planter, and by adding enough water all at once, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with timely watering schedules. This is especially handy if you are traveling for leisure or business.

The several drainage holes in the bottom helps with keeping out extra water and protects the fragile roots against rot. 

Thanks to its unique concave shape, the water can seep through the side and keep your plants from any damages due to overwatering or heavy rains if they are placed outside.

The watering lip also makes it easier to water your monstera plants.

This particular set comes with 2 pieces that can keep medium or large sized monstera plants.

In fact, these are perfect for all other types of indoor plants as well including spider plants, African violets, and orchids, etc.

These 10 inch pots are constructed of 4MM excellent PP plastic, which is formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, and durable. They also have anti-UV properties.

Best Planter for Monstera – Picking the Right Pot for Monstera Plants

Size and material are the two most crucial factors when choosing and purchasing the ideal container for your Monstera plant. We have listed some of the top recommendations below so you can pick the best pot for your monstera!

Outdoor Monstera Planters

Monstera plants can certainly flourish indoors, but they will undoubtedly receive more sunshine there, increasing their likelihood to develop into large, robust plants.

However, it’s crucial to consider the local weather when caring for a Monstera plant outdoors and to prepare by picking the appropriate pot.

1. Summertime or Warm Climate

You should make sure your Monstera container will hold onto enough water for the plant to thrive if the temperature of your yard is typically very warm.

Metal and plastic pots are a terrific option, but you must make holes in the bottom of such containers to allow good drainage.

2. Wintertime or Cold Climate

If you reside in an area that is very windy, concrete pots should be considered. Ideally, your Monstera will become rather enormous, and if it is not supported by a strong pot, it can be easily blown over by the wind.

3. Rainy Season

Rainy season means risks of flooding. To combat this, you must ensure that your monstera plant is secure in a pot with sufficient drainage holes.

This helps the excess water seep through and drain outside instead of pooling around the plant roots.

Good quality ceramic pots or glazed ceramic varieties come with drainage holes. They also allow for better aeration.

4. Windy Climate

If you reside in an area that is very windy, concrete pots should always be your top choice. Ideally, your Monstera will become rather enormous, and if it is not supported by a strong pot, it can be easily blown over by the wind.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Planter for Monstera

Before you buy a large planter for monstera, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Ample Space Inside Planter for Monstera

Your Monstera plants require a pot that is both big enough for the roots to spread out and small enough to enable the soil to dry out in between waterings. As already noted, your Monstera plant generally needs a pot that is big enough to leave one to two inches between the roots and the pot’s sides.

To prevent the pot from tipping over from the weight of the Monstera plant, it must also be big enough to hold the plant’s weight.

2. Ensure Space for Support Inside Monstera Planter

Another crucial aspect of your Monstera’s pot is its depth. You need to consider the pot’s depth because you’ll probably be attaching a Monstera moss pole to it.

The pot must be deep enough to accommodate the pole and bear the weight of the pole. When you add the pole, a shallow pot could become unstable or top-heavy.

For a huge Monstera plant to remain stable, your pole should typically be inserted at least eight inches deep.

3. The Right Material for Effective Watering Inside Monstera Planter

The type of material used to build the pot has a big impact on how soon the soil dries. Because they absorb moisture from the soil, terracotta and other absorbent pots dry up quickly. Because there is nowhere for the rain to go, the soil in plastic or ceramic pots dries out more slowly.

You shouldn’t really need a terracotta pot to aid you with that, but if you have a tendency to overwater your plants, a terracotta monstera planter may be a great option because they help prevent damp soil.

Plastic, coated terracotta, or ceramic monstera planters may be a better option if you tend to neglect your plants and they become excessively dry between watering cycles.

Ensure Drainage Holes Inside Your Best Monstera Planter

To thrive, monstera plants require well-drained soil. Even while you must provide them a quality soil mixture, your responsibility doesn’t end there. The dirt must be in a planter with drainage holes at the base for it to drain well. As a result, as water drains through the soil, it has somewhere to go.

FAQs on the Best Containers for Monstera Plants in Your Home

No, monstera plants do not grow better in large pots. Monstera plants of all types and varieties enjoy being crammed within their planters. Regardless of the size of the pot, they will grow enormous.

Your monstera won’t grow any bigger or faster if you put it in a big pot; most likely, all the extra damp soil will cause root rot, or your monstera will focus more energy on growing roots than leaves.

Yes, you should add a moss pole inside the planter for monstera. These are useful to help keep them up and steady. Growing plants within the house require the support of a moss-covered, climbable pole.

If properly cared for, monstera can live for many years and reach heights of well over ten feet.

Yes, you can grow a monstera plant in a hanging planter. Monstera plants have a trailing nature which makes them easy to grow in all kinds of hanging planters. The roots can grow over the edge of the pot and will even hang from it.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.