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Best Planter For Orchids – 8 Top Picks for Orchid Planters for Your Home

Best Choice
Mkono Plastic Orchid Pots with Drainage Mesh and Saucers
Editor's Choice
Decorative Ceramic Orchid Pot and Saucer
Best Overall
HomArt Rustic & Traditional Terra Cotta Orchid Pot

We at Your House You Garden under that maintenance of orchids can be challenging. They prefer particular environmental conditions that promote growth, such as good drainage, aeration, room for roots to grow, etc. Regular planters and pots sometimes struggle to meet these requirements, so if you want a thriving orchid, a premium quality orchid plant is a good investment.

Choosing the perfect pot for your orchid might be difficult with so many options available in the market. For your convenience, we have put together this handy list of the best planters for orchids in our gardening guides. You can choose from a wide variety of clear plastic pots, ceramic pots, clay pots, metal pots, terracotta pots, etc.

In this article we will discuss the best planter for orchids and the key factors you should consider when purchasing an expensive orchid planter for your home.

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Top Picks for the Best Orchid Pots

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Top Picks for the Planter for Orchids in Your Home

1. Mkono Plastic Orchid Pots with Drainage Mesh and Saucers

This double planter has an exterior planter that is finished in solid matte white and an interior planter that is transparent and can fit inside it. The inner pot is specifically made to meet the demands of an orchid and has slotted edges for ventilation. Both planters feature drainage holes just on bottom to prevent overwatering.

The slotted planter’s advantages include better aeration, which boosts the plant’s capacity to absorb nutrients and water and raises its likelihood of flourishing. Additionally, the inner planter is made to encourage visible roots to dry, which operates as an effective pruning method. 

This stops roots from spiraling around inside the container, getting tangled up, or strangling one another. Equipped with 4 planters (2 of plastic orchid pots and 2 of clear plastic pot) along with 2 saucers, this is perfect for 2 full orchid plants.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the  good quality of these orchid pots for the price and its simplistic design that blends with all kinds of decor. Additionally, the orchid pots provide ample space for orchid roots to expand.

2. Decorative Ceramic Orchid Pot and Saucer

This pot comes with a stunning design along with sufficient size and room for orchid roots to grow. This can be a perfect addition to your living room, dining area, or even bedroom. You can also place it outside in the patio or deck area!

These exquisite orchid pots are ideal for their healthy development. They facilitate the addition of oxygen to potting mix to speed up development while also limiting the buildup of too much moisture, which can result in unhealthy roots.

A drainage hole on the bottom of this orchid pot allows any extra water to drain into the saucer. The matching set minimizes clutter and helps with a more organic growing process.

This set is also securely packaged and has foam cushioning inside to safeguard it during delivery to your door. Start filling the planter with a growing medium and add an orchid plant or artificial foliage.

When it comes to ceramic orchid pots, this takes the prize! It isn’t just pretty to look at, but this ceramic pot is also incredibly durable and makes for a lovely gift as well.

3. HomArt Rustic & Traditional Terra Cotta Orchid Pot

Using ancient ceramic techniques, this rustic orchid container is handcrafted from natural and organic materials. It is given a highly distinctive and rustic finish after molding first and then curing outside.

Because each pot is manufactured in a unique fashion, they will all differ slightly and have their own variants. To provide your orchid the necessary ventilation, the terracotta pots contain holes all the way around. The pot is 5 inches tall and has a diameter of 6 inches.

The beautiful, natural distressed style of this outer pot for orchids to grow is an attractive feature that gives your home a rustic, archaic touch.

Users of this product love the natural distressed look of it and believe their orchids are happy in the pot. Although the pot’s inside diameter is less than five inches, which is reportedly disappointing for some who purchased it. 

Additionally, some people pointed out that the pot’s bottom lacked feet and was coarse and rough. They had trouble getting the pot to rest flat and were concerned that it would scrape their tabletop. Controlling the amount of moisture in this pot was another issue that some users had.

4. rePotme Jade Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot

If you are a fan of chic, modern designed decorative pots with drainage holes for your orchid plants, then this is just the option for you! The deep jade hue of this ceramic orchid pot enhances the look of any modern design interior decor. The decorative holes and leaf shapes on it adds to its appeal.

But, these ventilation holes are more than just decorative. They help maximize air circulation for your orchid roots and to help your orchids grow. It also includes a free liner pot as well.

Finally, this orchid pot also comes with a matching saucer with padded base to keep your surfaces scratch and scrape-free.

5. FEIAA Modern Decorative Ceramic Flower Orchid Pot

Usually, the only purpose of decorative pots is to enhance the aesthetic appeal and look pretty in a corner.  Unfortunately, the majority of attractive pots either have poor drainage or none at all, which promotes infections and root rot.

Additionally, many chemicals used in glazing decorative pot may be detrimental to your plants. This is never good for orchids roots. Many clear pots and clear plastic pots usually have this issue but this planter solves this problem.

The design will be significantly improved if you choose a decorative container that is appropriate for your orchid and you don’t mind keeping it in the same manner during repotting. Such planters enhance the beauty of your orchids with only the blooms and the pot design visible. 

Your home may look luxurious and lavish if you choose a container and orchid plant that function well together.

6. YMD Orchid Pot with Drainage Hole and Pattern

When it comes to orchid pots with spectacular design and aesthetic appeal, we highly recommend this stunning ceramic pot with drainage holes and ample ventilation for your orchid roots. It is better than a plastic orchid pot, thanks to its aeration features and cooling properties.

This orchid pot size is approximately 7″in X 7.5″in and its lovely design makes it perfect for all indoor spaces.

7. La Jolie Muse Modern Speckled-Black Orchid Pot

Use this lovely black orchid pot with a speckled design (8.6″D x 6.7″H) to showcase your finest plants and blooms. You’ll adore them accentuating indoor spaces like your living room, kitchen, or bathroom as well as outdoor spaces like your balcony, deck, or garden.

Your indoor and outdoor plants will thrive in this orchid pot’s healthy living environment thanks to its 4 pre-drilled, constructed drainage holes. This porous, airy planter will support the growth of your ferns, and is also one of the best planters for spider plants and other such indoor plant varieties.

It is manufactured from dependable recycled plastic and natural materials. One of its greatest advantages is that it is lightweight so you can move it about with ease.

These orchid pots offer durability to adverse weather and their performance is far better than the majority of clear orchid pots. It is made to survive bright sunlight and bitter cold without fading or frost damage, allowing you to use it both inside and outside with no restrictions.

8. Magarz Mid-Century Metal Orchid Pot

The floor-standing orchid pot is constructed of metal with a brass plating finish, a smooth brass metal touch, and a shiny appearance that resembles a stunning and unique Egyptian artifact, adding a flare of class and expensive historical touch to your indoor spaces. It also has a metal bracket and a rubber mat to protect the floor from scrapes and other marks.

This metal container with stands is incredibly simple to put together and is highly robust and sturdy, better than any ceramic pot or plastic pots. Its three legs only need to be screwed onto three flower pots without the use of any tools.

The stylish indoor flower pot will enhance your interior decor to a whole new level. It was designed in the middle of the 1950s, so this distinctive decorative pot and its straightforward shape fits with a variety of home decor trends. These orchid pots will quickly emerge as your home’s most striking and memorable addition.

Picking the Best Planter for Orchids

Most plant producers choose translucent plastic planters with drainage holes so that it is simpler to see the orchid’s roots. Beyond their visibility, these transparent containers have other advantages. Clear plastic containers make it simple to transfer the plant into different attractive pots, as well as allowing you to keep an eye on the orchid’s roots for rot, pests, or overpopulation.

Plastic mesh is another common material for orchid pots because it is affordable and simple to use. Plastic net pots may not have as much elegance, but their clay equivalents more than make up for it. Even while these pots aren’t exactly inexpensive, they greatly enhance the beauty of orchids. Clay pots only have two drawbacks: their heaviness and inadequate ventilation.

In comparison to normal pots, some pots are also relatively shallow. These large-base pots are perfect for orchids with heavy tops. On the other hand, orchids with extensive roots grow well in the tall, narrow patterns.

Different Varieties of Orchid Planters

When it comes to material, there are numerous options you can purchase for orchid planters, Below is more detail on each material of best planter for orchids and its advantages.

Transparent Plastic Planter for Orchids

To ensure that light reaches the roots, transparent orchid containers can be used. Since they are made of transparent materials, you can monitor your plant to make sure it is developing healthily and to spot any root rot problems early on.

Clay/Ceramic Orchid Planters

Looking for a decorative and stylish planter for orchids? Clay and ceramic coated orchid planters are an excellent choice. They also offer terrific air flow that keeps the delicate roots of the plants from suffocating.

These planters for orchids also come with great drainage as orchids do not like moist or wet soil. Thus, drainage holes in these ceramic or clay pots can be extremely helpful.

Basket or Net Style Planter for Orchid

These containers are often composed of black PVC plastic and have bigger mesh ventilation holes. They are more like a mesh pot than a net.

Similar to mesh pots, basket inset pots are made to fit inside another container, possibly a more attractive pot. They may be used effectively to produce orchids and are also utilized in ponds and hydroponics.

Guide to Looking After Your Orchids in Planters

Make sure to give your orchids in planters enough of indirect light to properly care for them. Put them in a room or window that faces south or east and gets enough natural light throughout the day. Keep in mind that poor flowering will result from insufficient light, while yellowing leaves will result from enough light.

The right temperature is essential for indoor orchid growth. Although these plants can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures during their growing season, for optimal growth, nighttime lows should be between 50* and 60* and highs should be between 72* and 82* degrees.

Like all other plants, orchids require water, but you must give them a little time to dry out in between waterings. Put your finger approximately an inch into the dirt to see if your orchid needs water. Sprinkle some water if it’s dry. Purchase a plastic tray, and then fill it with stones to keep the orchid moist. Place your potted orchid on top of the pebbles after adding some water. The humidity will increase as a result.

Fertilize your orchids every two weeks during the growing season, but once the plant has reached maturity, only fertilize them once a month. When the orchid turns dormant, stop fertilizing completely.

Additionally, as the orchid’s blossoms begin to fall off, you must prune it. This will promote sound development. Remove the stem from the stalk by approximately an inch.

Finally, be on the lookout for illness or pest indications. Orchids are susceptible to rot, scale, and mealy bugs. To prevent rot, avoid overwatering; if you see any pest symptoms, rinse them off using insecticidal soap.

FAQs about the Best Orchid Pots

An orchid planter should be 4-6 inches large. Although some genera (such as Cymbidium, giant Cattleya, etc.) and seedlings and miniatures often demand 8 inch pots or larger, the bulk of orchids sold in supermarkets, box stores, florists, and the like are not these.

Yes, orchids outgrow their pots. Even though they thrive in small pots and weave their roots through soil as they expand, orchids ultimately run out of space. It’s time to re-pot when the plant’s roots do things like push the plant up far above the rim of the container or shoot out into the air in search of air.

Yes, you should water orchids inside planters. These plants can be watered inside planters every 10-15 days depending on the species and the environment they are kept in. Take care not to oversaturate them, though. Compared to what the typical customer would believe, orchid plants generally require a lot less water.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.