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Best Planter For Spider Plant – TOP 6 Spider Plant Pots

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GARDENIX DECOR Self Watering Hanging Planter for Spider Plants
Editor's Choice
La Jolíe Muse Speckled White Spider Plant Pot with Drainage
Best Overall
Vivimee Decorative Clay Pot Outdoor Spider Plants

Growing spider plants is not too challenging thanks to our detailed gardening guides. Typically indoor plants, the unique spider plants need specific growing environments and conditions, as well as a dedicated spider plant pot.

For them to thrive, you must maintain them in the appropriate place and in good health. But which pot is ideal for your spider plant?

A spider plant should be placed in a container that is only a little bit bigger than its root. The bottom of the pot will have a suitable number of drainage holes, ensuring the pot drains efficiently. Plastic, cloth, metal, or wooden containers are the best options for spider plants.

The pot’s size depends on the plant’s size, but it typically shouldn’t be more than a few inches bigger than the plant.

It can be difficult to get the proper spider plant pot. The requirement for a pot to be practical while still being decorative and suitable for your distinctive style presents the main obstacle.

In this article, we will look at the best planter for spider plants and the various factors you should consider before purchasing a spider plant planter.

Keep on reading to learn more about the best planter for spider plants.

Top Picks for the Best Pot for Growing Spider Plants

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1. GARDENIX DECOR Self Watering Hanging Planter for Spider Plants

This spider plant hanging and self watering pot is just the right option for you if you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a hanging planter.

It is constructed with extremely durable and premium polypropylene weaves in an intricate and beautiful basket design.

In addition to this, it comes with a hydroponic device that allows it to supply water to the spider plant roots unlike ordinary and cheap plastic pots. Your spider plant will thrive in its excellent environment with aeration and water supply.

In fact, this splendid hanging planter for your spider plant also comes with a premixed coco coir soil as well as a water level indicator.

You can use its chains to hang it from the walls or even the ceiling!

One of the advantages of these spider plant baskets is that their color is injected into the material so you never have to worry about it fading even when exposed to water or direct sunlight.

It includes all the materials you will need to set it up including the spider plant pot, hanging chains, basket, and detailed instructions.

It is also extremely durable and long lasting compared to other cheap spider plant container varieties.

The self watering reservoir keeps your spider plant healthy and better than a slightly larger pot. However, one drawback is that you may have to add additional potting soil or mix to the pot.

2. La Jolíe Muse Speckled White Spider Plant Pot with Drainage

The best method to showcase your favorite floral arrangements and especially spider plants is in this lovely white flower pot with speckles (8.6″D x 6.7″H).

You’ll like them decorating indoor spaces like your living room, kitchen, or bathroom as well as outdoor spaces like your balcony, deck, or garden.

Your spider plant will thrive in this planter’s healthy living environment thanks to its 4 pre-drilled, constructed drainage holes.

This porous, airy planter will support the growth of your spider plants as well as ferns, ivy, etc. Simply add spider plant’s soil or any fresh soil and see your room light up!

The planter is lightweight because it is built of dependable recycled plastics and natural materials.

It isn’t just any plastic pot! It appears chic like ceramic pots but it is one of the best plastic pots for spider plants in the market.

You can use these planters outside for spider plants in any weather and enjoy them. You can use it both indoors and outdoors with no restrictions because it is resistant to harm from fading, frost, cracking, and peeling as well as intense sunlight and cold temperatures.

3. Vivimee Decorative Clay Pot Outdoor Spider Plants

The huge clay pots are composed of red clay that has been burnt at a high temperature. Unlike items made of plastic or concrete, the terracotta pots perform better in terms of aeration, which improves the environment in which your plants may grow.

These pots are perfect for your spider plants, orchids, succulents, cactus, viola, oxalis triangularis, etcThese 5.5 inch outdoor plant pots with drainage holes are ideal.

Additionally, you may use them to create an attractive, artistic interior garden that’s perfect for adorning a sill, counter-top, shelf, bedroom, kitchen, garden, or patio.

These distinctive, attractive planters will add a touch of class and contemporary elegance to your patio or home thanks to their delicate artistic flower pattern. It makes for an excellent  addition to improve the atmosphere of any space in your house or office.

These planter pot sets come in a nicely wrapped box, making them the perfect present for a wedding, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

4. EdenProducts Mid Century Modern Planter & Stand

This exquisite matching plant pot and stand set is influenced by traditional mid-century modern design, giving it a stunning and opulent appearance.

It goes well with the majority of furniture and home decor, and it may be combined with a wide range of plants, including cacti, spider plants, and more.

This 10 inch planter pot is cleverly designed out of fiberglass instead of ceramic, which is strong to handle any falls, scratches or unexpected temperature changes.

It works better than any clay pot and thanks to its drainage holes, the plant’s root ball has space to breathe and grow. You can add a well draining potting mix to help with excess water.

These indoor planters for spider plants with stands come with a drainage hole and stopper. Packed with limited styrofoam to ensure you or whoever you purchased this beautiful gift for will have hassle-free unboxing experience.

Instead of ceramic, this perfectly designed 10-inch planter pot is made of fiberglass, which is sturdy enough to withstand falls, scratches, and unforeseen changes in temperature.

The drainage opening and stopper are included with these indoor spider planters.  Styrofoam is used sparingly to ensure that you, or the recipient of this lovely gift, will have a trouble-free unwrapping experience.

These spider plant pot sets are 10″ in width and 17″ in height together. The white pot has an interior diameter of 9″ and is 10″ tall. It is 6″ above the ground where your sturdy white fiberglass container is placed.

Do you need the plant base raised? To effectively utilize corner space, simply flip the durable bamboo plant holder over so that your pot sits 8″ above the ground.

It is also very easy and convenient to assemble by yourself. Simply slip the two corner plant stand pieces together and secure with a single nut (tools included  in the package).

Four floor pads are also available to level the legs and avoid slipping and scratching. Bamboo is used for the planter’s wooden stand because it is more environmentally friendly and looks stunning.

5. Vanavazon Indoor Self Watering Planter Pots

These modern pots for spider plants feature a white cotton rope to absorb water, which is why these 6 inch self-watering pots hold more water and nourish your spider plant for a week or more. This technology also helps to avoid root rot.

These pots for spider plants are constructed of modern plastic that is formaldehyde-free, non-poisonous, resistant to heat and cold, etc. Features: High tenacity and strength make it a very safe and long-lasting product.

You can use it on your windowsill, workstation, bedroom, living room, or outdoors, among other comfortable and beautiful viewing areas, thanks to its distinctive round-visual trendy style and decorative material.

The double-layer construction of this planter pot enables excess water to be kept in the bottom and supplied to your spider plants with wick rope. This monitors the amount of water your spider plant roots absorb to avoid root rot.

6. T4U Self Watering Plastic Planters Set of 2

The cotton rope and noticeable water reservoir in these 8-inch plastic planters are built with the surplus water being stored at the bottom. Spider plants take in the moisture through the cotton rope which helps to feed and nourish the roots. 

You will never have to be concerned about your plants drying out when you are away from home on work or for travel because the water in the reservoir can meet their daily needs for more than two weeks.

These plastic planters, which come in pure white with a brown bottom, add a minimalist touch to your living areas.

They are the ideal decorations for your lounge, bedroom, windowsill, desk, workplace, and even your yard, among other spaces. Using macrame plant hangers to hang them up would also be a lovely decoration and add to the aesthetic appeal of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

These self-watering spider plant pots differ from typical fragile plastic planters in that they are constructed of robust, lightweight, and tough polypropylene that is 3 to 4 mm thick. These flower planters’ high-quality construction and adorable design make it the ideal gardening present anyone, especially gardening lovers.

These make it easier and more efficient to water plants because the watering lip is removable. You may directly water your spider plants through the watering mouth and check the water level in the reservoir from the space between the pot body and the lip.

If you unintentionally add too much water, you don’t need to worry about flooding your plants because the extra water will immediately drain through the gap. You can also place these pots in direct sunlight for your spider plants to soak up the much needed light.

The numerous drainage channels and bottom reservoir in these pots ensure that plant roots may readily reach the bottom and obtain the water and nutrients that they require on a regular basis. They make excellent garden pots for plants like aloe vera, pothos, peace lilies, etc.

Features for the Best Planter for Spider Plant

There are a few important considerations to make while purchasing a spider plant planter.
You should first think about the size of the container.

Of course, the size of your plant will determine this, but as a general rule, you should select a spider plant planter that is only about a size larger than the one it came in. You shouldn’t choose a pot that is too big for spider plants because they prefer to be somewhat pot-bound.

You should take material and design into consideration in addition to size. These days, most pots are constructed of clay or plastic, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, you should pick a pot composed of strong, long-lasting materials that won’t break or deteriorate with time.

Additionally, search for pots with patterns and hues that go well with the furniture in your house or office so they blend in naturally.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Planter for Spider Plant

Here are some key factors you should consider before purchasing a spider plant for your home:

Size of the Spider Plant Planter

The size of the pot counts while growing spider plants! Yes, the condition and development of your spider plant can be considerably impacted by the size of the planter you use.

They don’t require much space because they are rather little. But if you use a spider plant container that is too tiny, your plant will develop unhealthy root rot.

On the other hand, because it actually wants to be in a little place, your spider plant may not grow if you use a pot that is too large.

A spider plant should only have a pot that is somewhat bigger than the root ball. Your plant will have enough room to expand in this way without getting root-bound.

Good Drainage for Planter for Spider Plant

Proper drainage is one of the most important parts of plant management. Root rot and other issues can develop very rapidly if there is water left in your spider plant pots.

Drainage holes must be present in pots. You might be able to make a drainage hole in the bottom of your pot if it doesn’t already have one. An alternative is to use a decorative planter with an internal pot within that has drainage holes.

Different Varieties of Spider Plant Containers

Below is a list of the different materials used to make planters for spider plants. From plastic to clay and metal, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Plastic Planter for Spider Plant

Planters made of plastic for spider plants are typically less expensive and lighter than alternatives. If the root system becomes too big, they also have a lower likelihood to break.
Use a plastic pot as a useful pot within a more ornamental planter if you don’t like the way it looks.

2. Ceramic/Clay/Terra Cotta Spider Plant Pots

Clay or terra cotta are two more typical materials for spider plant containers. These are more expensive and heavier than plastic, but they have a more authentic appearance.

One drawback of using a clay container is that if you don’t repot the plant frequently enough, it can shatter.

You might need to hydrate your plant more frequently because unglazed terra cotta can leech water out of the soil.

3. Metallic Spider Plant Pots and Containers

Although they are less frequent than pots made of other materials, metal pots might be a suitable choice. They are not likely to shatter, although they can get hot in the sun and they could rust.

4. Hanging Basket Planter for Spider Plant

For spider plants, hanging baskets are a great option because they let the plant cascade down. This adds to the overall aesthetic value of your interior decor.

Pick a good basket with sufficient drainage, though, to prevent your plant from sitting in water.

FAQs about the Best Planters for Spider Plants

No, spider plants do not require deep planters. You should purchase a spider plant pot that is just a tiny bit larger than the one it is currently in. Buying a pot that is larger than that is basically of little use.

The spider plant thrives best when its roots can completely engulf the earth. The plant should be allowed to grow and expand and then be able to settle in a small space.

Yes, spider plants like to be root bound inside the pot. It may be easy to overlook if they outgrow their container and begin obstructing the drain. Pay special attention because if the roots of your plant can’t drain properly, they’ll sit in too much water and rot.

Your spider plant just needs a small amount of water once a week or so; during the fall and winter, you can water it less frequently. You simply want to moisten the compost. Stick your finger into the dirt up to your second knuckle to determine if it needs watering.

No, you should not water spider plants from top to bottom. Instead, bottom watering is more effective and also recommended for snake plants in planters.

Simply fill the saucepan at the bottom with water and ensure that the soil inside the planter is in contact with the water. After 10-15 minutes, you can feel the soil and if it is moist, it means that it has absorbed the water.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.