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Best Soil For Succulents – TOP 6 Soil Mixes for Succulent Plants

Best Choice
Hoffman Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix
Editor's Choice
SuperFly Bonsai Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix
Best Overall
Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix

Anyone can grow succulents inside as they are incredibly low-maintenance. However, succulents can also be really easy to kill if you don’t provide them with the ideal growing environment.

This is due to the fact that almost all succulents are native to arid environments, which are quite different from your typical home environment. One of the most common reasons why your succulent didn’t survive is using the wrong soil! 

Succulent-specific pre-made soil mixtures are simple to locate and buy both on online stores and at your neighborhood nurseries or garden centers. Making your own succulent soil, though, is simple and less expensive. You may also learn to make the ideal blend for your indoor succulents by studying how succulent soil varies from typical indoor potting mixtures.

In these gardening guides, we discuss the best soil for succulents that keep it thriving for longer. This article highlights the best soil for succulents in your home as well as the key factors you should keep in mind before buying the best succulent soil. 

Let’s dive in!

Top Picks for the Best Soil for Succulents

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1. Hoffman Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix

This excellent organic potting soil for cacti and succulents has Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, sand, and limestone and is pH balanced. Your plants will receive the best nutrients and drainage from this clever blend. To ensure the greatest outcomes with this soil mix, follow the detailed instruction provided on the package by the manufacturer.

Its most impressive characteristic is its all-organic ingredients that make it non-toxic and healthy to use. This also makes it one of the best soil for string of pearls succulent.

Just keep in mind that water can puddle all over causing soil compaction. Additionally, one bag of this contained only 4 qts of the blend which isn’t enough for a large number of these drought tolerant plants.

2. SuperFly Bonsai Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix

This outstanding SuperFly soil mix for succulents is sifted prior to its packaging and its ingredients consist of premium quality contents including 1/4 Hard Japanese Akadama, 1/4 Haydite, 1/4 Pumice, and also 1/4 New Zealand Pine Bark.

The texture and ingredient blend promote superb drainage and water retention so your succulent roots are always moist but never flooded.

This mixture consists mostly of non-organic ingredients (no dirt). Actually, this is substrate. It has been discovered that doing this gives the roots the best possible air, drainage, water retention, and nutrient uptake.

When you’re ready to reorder dirt, simply pull off the top and reseal the simple to close zippered bag several times.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of this fantastic soil blend, the company guarantees a full refund.

3. Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix

Speaking of best soil for succulents, this Miracle-Gro is undoubtedly one of the best and most sought-after blends for succulent plants. Unlike ordinary soil mixes, this succulent soil is enriched with excellent ingredients and guarantees fantastic results.

The Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix was developed for people who enjoy growing succulents and cacti. It includes the nutrients succulents require to thrive and retain the moisture they require to survive.

This fast-draining succulent potting soil contains a combination of sphagnum peat moss, forest products, and fertilizer. These ingredients are all of the highest caliber and manufacture. It is a perfectly draining soil blend.

Burro’s Tail, Houseleek, cactus, and other gorgeous succulent types grow very well in this soil mixture.

Additionally, the Mulch & Soil Council has verified this soil blend as a high-quality item that complies with industry standards, so you can be sure your money is going to the appropriate product and business.

One 4-qt bag of this Miracle-Gro is ample for an 8-inch pot.  For even more amazing results, begin routine feedings after 30 days of planting your precious succulents.

4. All Natural Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix by Perfect Plants

When it comes to the best soil for succulents, this Perfect Plants mixture for succulent plants is a top choice for many gardeners and succulent lovers.

It is fresh, organic, and a specially blended premium quality succulent soil that provides your succulent roots with ample aeration, moisture, and all the superb nutrients they need to thrive.

Additionally, this well draining soil is also professionally mixed to create a balance of air and a fluffy texture perfect for succulent soil. Its ingredients include composted pine bark, perlite, sand, and garden coir, and this can be used with all types of your favorite succulents.

This best soil for succulents also comes in a resealable bag which keeps the mixture fresh for longer and easy to store away.

5. Wonder Soil, Organic Cactus & Succulent Soil

This Wonder Soil succulent soil mix is the only dry compressed coco coir mix with additional  worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, pumice, water-saving polymers, and more. It helps strengthen the roots considerably which ultimately helps make your succulent plants much stronger.

This succulent soil mix is also completely natural, free of peat, and safe to use around children or pets!

This bag of compressed cactus and succulent soil potting mix doubles in size when hydrated so there is ample quantity here for all your succulent plants. It is also portable and conserves valuable shed space.

This Wonder Soil succulent blend is also pre-mixed and ready to use, making gardening a lot more simpler and fun! Simply move your chosen succulents into their new container, add our soil mixture, or pour the succulent soil mixture over your seeds before planting.

Thanks to the coco coir content, this succulent soil has excellent water retention, consistent drainage, and root zone aeration. You can save water, precious fertilizer, and other valuables up to 50% with this blend!

6. Fat Plants San Diego Premium Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix Soil

This succulent soil potting mix is designed to be the ideal growing medium for all of your indoor succulents and cacti. It has been carefully crafted to ensure the ideal environment and living conditions for your succulents and cacti, making it one of the best soil for succulents and especially potted plants.

The Fat Plants premium succulent soil contains minerals that release over the course of eight months, acting as a natural fertilizer and sustenance for your developing succulents. They appear as tiny yellow balls that are rich in the macronutrients potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

Furthermore, this potting mixture has the ideal pH balance for all cacti and succulents to grow. This Fat Plants succulent soil gives your succulents the kind of environment that cacti and succulents prefer—a relatively neutral pH that tends more towards acidity. In fact, these qualities also make it one of the best soil for indoor plants, specifically cacti and succulent varieties. 

Succulents need well-draining soil to develop as healthily as possible because they can naturally thrive on less water. This mixture guarantees optimal root drainage for succulents without any risk of root rot.

This succulent potting soil mixture can be used in indoor or outdoor planters. Although cacti are excellent indoor plants, you can also create a desert-like atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. Simply put your seeds in a container filled with potting soil, and watch them flourish!

What are the Characteristics for the Best Soil for Succulents?

Every soil mixture contains both organic and mineral components. Mineral matter, such as clay, silt, and sand, support soil drainage, whereas organic matter, such as decomposing plant tissue, serves to retain moisture in the soil and give nutrients to the plant.

Because succulents can withstand drought and don’t require constant watering, the best soil for succulents should be permeable, well-draining, and contain less organic matter than typical indoor soil mixtures. Best succulent soil is a loose, granular mixture with a good amount of gravel and perlite or pumice.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Soil for Succulents

Your gardening endeavors will be rapidly put to an end if you pot your succulents in the incorrect soil. Succulents will experience stress, waterlogging, and eventually death in inadequate soil. While some succulents are more resilient than others, every succulent plant will benefit from healthy soil. Since most succulents (and cacti) are native to dry regions with minimal rainfall, plants do not fare well in soil that is very wet or heavily watered.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Succulent Soil

Succulent-specific indoor houseplant soils are widely available on the market. If you wish to plant succulents outside, you might be unsure of what to do. The amount of soil you’ll need is a crucial factor in outdoor gardening. Considering that you’ll probably need more, you could have to focus more on pricing. 

Conditions outside are considerably different from those inside. The sun and air that plants often receive help to prevent water-logged soil. Therefore, you can choose planting soil for outdoor succulents with a little less caution. Nevertheless, picking a mix that encourages proper drainage is crucial.

Organic vs. Inorganic Soil for Succulent Plants

Choose an organic soil blend if you’re worried about exposure to chemicals. You should be aware that organic soils are typically more costly than inorganic ones. Succulents are not consumable, therefore there is less of a concern about chemical exposure than there would be if you were growing food. Inorganic soil is a good option for this plant if cost is an issue for you.

Container, Aeration, and Soil Drainage

No matter what kind of plant you are cultivating, avoid planting them in planters without drainage holes. In order to promote drainage, you can add pebbles, gravel, or stones to the bottom of pots, although drainage holes are crucial for avoiding root rot. It’s simple to see when you’re being overly generous with the watering when you have a plant pot with holes in the bottom and a saucer. 

Succulents can also be kept in nursery pots or cachepots, but remember to check the bottom of the pot frequently for water buildup after watering.

FAQs About the Best Succulent Soil Mixes

Succulents should be in soil. They require soil with good drainage. Make sure the place has good drainage and is not in a low region that would remain wet before planting in the garden. You can buy cactus soil for container gardening or add sand, gravel, or volcanic rock to your potting soil for enhanced drainage.

The soil for succulents should be 7-8 inches deep. This provides the roots plenty of room to expand and grow without flooding or suffocating.

No, you cannot use regular potting soil for succulents. In their natural habitat, succulents will flourish in sandy soil or even gravel. With this kind of soil, the succulent never has wet feet since the water can drain through. If you simply have potting soil, adding crumbled stones or coarse sand will be essential because succulents demand well-drained soil.


Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.