is now part of acquired by Your House Your Garden

July 7th, 2022

The website was formerly owned by Kitoko Studio. Kitoko Studio is a design and architecture firm based in Montreuil, France. From designing tiny 8 sq metre apartments to overseeing large projects, the experienced team at Kitoko Studio has it all under their belt. It is a multidisciplinary practice of contemporary architecture, interior design, urban planning and landscaping. Kitoko Studio has also been active in multiple furniture design projects. 

As a developing home renovation and interior design website, we at Your House Your Garden have acquired the previous Kitoko Studio domain ( We are looking forward to integrating this informative business domain into our expanding organization. The combination of Your House Your Garden’s home remodeling and gardening skills and Kitoko Studio’s grip on interior design and construction will bring amazing benefits for both our companies.

By acquiring the former domain of Kitoko Studio, we at Your House Your Garden hope to extend the scope of our services by combining our potentials. Your House Your Garden will now be able to provide exceptional interior design and architectural services to its clients based on the years of experience in the field of both Your House Your Garden and Kitoko studio. 

We at Your House Your Garden are also hopeful in expanding the reach of Kitoko Studio and their design philosophy to our customers. We strongly believe that the amazing team of Kitoko Studio has great potential in designing and building the dream homes and gardens of our clients. This is why we would love to introduce their design philosophy and interior design guides on our website. 

Your House Your Garden acquired formerly owned Kitoko Studio website We look forward to what this new acquisition brings to Your House Your Garden in the years ahead. As we combine the websites of these two legendary businesses, Your House Your Garden and Kitoko Studio will continue driving growth together as one. For more questions about the acquisitions please contact head of business development, Jacob Meyer: