Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors

Cabinet doors are an important piece of the cabinetry puzzle that you want to get just right and just your style. If you’ve been thinking about whether or not to get those sleek glass cabinet doors, this might just be the sign you are looking for! Glass cabinet doors give a space a sense of modern elegance but can easily fit into a more classic kitchen space. Cabinet doors made out of glass are an investment and you should get to know these well before diving right in! 

Why You Should Choose Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Sure that glass cabinet doors are your style? Here’s why you should install this material as your cabinet fronts:

Glass Cabinet Doors: Pros

  • Give Your Room a Unique Look: While glass cabinet doors are welcome in any space, using glass inserts for a kitchen cabinet is one of the easiest ways to customize a room. There are different types of glass that can create cohesion in the kitchen by complementing a specific wood species or matching other handcrafted glass elements in your kitchen. 

  • Hide or Display With A Glass Panel: Install glass cabinet doors to showcase or hide the contents of your pantry, dinnerware, or drinkware. Frosted glass gives you more privacy but a clear glass pane is perfect for showing off your precious plates. 

  • Keep Up With the Latest Trends: Glass front cabinet doors are sleek, elegant, and modern. For those with a more contemporary style, designers recommend glass cabinets. However, some traditional spaces can also benefit from glass doors with the right wood type and glass.

  • Opens Up You Dream Kitchen: Install glass kitchen cabinet doors during your kitchen remodeling project if you want to open up a kitchen space. A glass cabinet door bounces light that comes through your windows around your space opening up classic and modern kitchens. 

Glass Cabinet Doors: Cons

  • Can Showcase Clutter: Due to their nature, glass cabinet doors can highlight the clutter of your pantry or the heap of pots and pans you have in the room. Go for more opaque cabinet doors if this is the case!

  • More of An Investment: Cabinet doors that are made out of glass are the most expensive type on the market. While they are great to look at, they come with a steep cost. 

  • Needs A Little Extra Care: There will be no slamming cabinet doors if you have glass ones. Yes, glass is a sturdy material but when there is a crack, it could very well shatter. 

glass kitchen cabinet doors
kitchen cabinet doors with glass

How to Choose Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass kitchen cabinet doors come in all different kinds of colors and types. Here’s what to think about when you’re finalizing your glass front cabinet doors:


Shop with a clear color or a combination of colors in mind. Think about your overall style. For example, is your kitchen more classic or traditional and needs warm colors and hues? Should the glass kitchen cabinet doors be transparent or a solid color? What will match the hardware and other materials that surrounds your cabinetry? 

Type of Glass

After deciding that glass cabinet doors are the material for you and your space, you will have to narrow down the type of glass doors you prefer. 

Frosted Glass

These glass cabinet doors are made via acid etching but can also be subjected to sandblasting. This etched glass cabinet door is textured and opaque.

Seeded Glass

Seedy or seeded glass doors have a wavy pattern. This type of glass is perfect for replacement cabinet doors if you are looking for a light bubbly texture. 


Clear glass cabinet doors are simple, sleek, and great for different interior design styles. Customize your kitchen cabinet doors with colored glass inserts that are transparent. 

Textured Glass

Textured glass cabinet doors are known for their waves which are an elegant addition to your cabinetry. 

Leaded Glass

Instead of calcium being used in the glass-making process, lead is used to make leaded glass cabinet doors. While this is used in bathroom windows, leaded glass can also be used for your replacement cabinet doors. 


V-groove glass doors have v-shaped lines cut into a pane of glass. This combination of linear and curved lines is elegant and very aesthetic. 


Glass cabinet doors also require maintenance in order to stay beautiful, durable, and safe. Some kitchen cabinet doors will require more care than others and this should be kept in mind if you fill up your kitchen with glass cabinets. 


Depending on the type of glass cabinets, style of the cabinet doors, and shape of your cabinets, the installation will either need to be done by professionals or can be a DIY project. Some glass cabinet panels will be easier to install than others so you may have to avail of professional services if you do not have experience in the home improvement sphere. 


Glass cabinet doors are an investment. Compared to laminate and wood-type cabinet doors, glass is the most durable and can even be considered as the most beautiful. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Are glass kitchen cabinets expensive?

Yes, glass kitchen cabinet doors are expensive but they are definitely worth the investment. Compared to wood and laminate cabinet doors, glass is a more high-end material. Cabinet doors made out of glass are aesthetic, high-quality, durable, and fit into various interior design styles. 

What type of glass is best for kitchen cabinets?

Clear glass cabinet doors are always welcome in any kitchen. This type of glass for your cabinet doors makes it easy to see the contents of your cabinetry and is easy to clean because you will be able to tell immediately. There are no fancy or intricate designs in these cabinet doors but as they say, simplicity is key!

glass kitchen cabinet doors installed by YHYG
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