Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets have been a homeowner favorite long before modern interior styles boomed. While traditional cabinets are obviously meant for the traditional kitchen style, country-inspired homes whose purpose is to have a rustic feel can also incorporate the traditional kitchen cabinet design. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of classic cabinetry and our favorite traditional kitchen cabinets!

What is the Traditional Interior Design Style?

Unlike the modern contemporary kitchen, the traditional style kitchen is meant to feel welcoming and rustic which is why the traditional kitchen design is also known as the farmhouse or classic kitchen. 

All traditional kitchen ideas have warm color palettes, natural materials, and traditional elements that have a somewhat timeless look as opposed to a sleek and formal vibe with the latest appliances and other modern design elements. Other popular styles that also fall under the traditional style and give homes a classic look are the French Country and Farmhouse interior designs

traditional kitchen cabinets design

What Are Traditional Cabinets?

Traditional kitchen cabinets will have the following characteristics that complement and add to the entire traditional space:

  • Patterns and Textures: Traditional kitchen cabinets can have a unique style and become the focal point of traditional kitchens due to their patterns and interesting textures. There is more to traditional cabinets than just a recessed panel or plain wood because cabinetry can be custom made to have intricate patterns and unique textures.

  • Decorative Details: When it comes to the traditional kitchen style, there is no limit to the decorative details for your traditional cabinets. Traditional kitchen cabinets can have intricate doors or a raised panel design and antique knobs. 

  • Rich Colors: A simple way to incorporate traditional kitchen cabinets into your space is by choosing rich colors over light colors. Colors with depth and warmth are the perfect choice for traditional style kitchens. 

  • Balanced Elements: Kitchen cabinet styles for the traditional kitchen are a mix of straight and curved lines. While this can mean slab style doors or inset panel doors, traditional cabinetry can have elegant frames with arches to create contrast to the straight lines and edges in your traditional kitchen. 

traditional kitchen cabinets
traditional white kitchen cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Black and Creamy White Cabinets

Have you every though about mixing design ideas? Have both black and white traditional kithcen cabinets! One of the top ideas for a more traditional kitchen design is taking that classic wood cabinetry and painting them white and black. This may mean choosing black for the cabinetry underneath your countertops and a white paint for your larger, ceiling-tall raised panel cabinet. 

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets with a Glass Front

While traditional kitchen cabinets are not known for their sleek appearance that is more common in a contemporary kitchen, wall cabinets can have glass fronts installed to showcase your dinnerware and is the perfect addition for a small kitchen. A smaller room can benefit from the light that glass bounces off onto the walls, furniture, or countertops.

Painted or Stained Traditional Cabinets

Another popular choice among the various traditional kitchen ideas is painting your own kitchen cabinets. There are so many options to choose from but in general, traditional kitchen cabinets can be painted with a color of your choice and then stained to give it that classic, elegant, antique look. Traditional cabinets that are stained not only stay true to the traditional style, but if your cabinet is a light color, the rich shades of the cabinetry and all of its architectural details are highlighted. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves with Decorative Brackets

If you are inspired to truly make your traditional kitchen unique and already have kitchen cabinets that are custom made, before installing shelves onto the wall, choose decorative brackets that are made out of interesting materials or are rich with a pretty pattern.

Traditional Cabinets with Different Finishes for a Fresh Look

Traditional cabinets don’t have to be limited to a single coat of paint or finish and you can always have the best of both worlds if you like how the matte and stained finishes look. Highlight certain areas depending on your kitchen design and create zones that are defined by the finish or style of your cabinetry. 

Furniture-Style Traditional Cabinets with a Dark Glaze

Traditional cabinets that are designed with furniture in mind may have gorgeous carvings and toe kicks, but how about highlighting all of those details with a dark glaze? This will create a more formal and elegant space that aligns with the traditional interior design style. 

White Traditional Kitchen Cabinets to Match the Marble Backsplash

Traditional cabinets that you have in mind may already be a shade of white, but making sure that the cabinetry matches your marble backsplash tile can create cohesiveness while adding interest because of the different materials. Marble is elegant and complements various design styles but works really well with traditional kitchen cabinets in the same space. 

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets in Traditional Kitchens

Incorporate your personal style and personality in a room by choosing colors for your cabinets that pop. You cabinets can have a traditional recessed or raised panel design but have colors that complement your overall kitchen design which can be a deep red or a bright teal. 

Custom Island Made Out of Quality Wood and Traditional Style Base Cabinets

Create your own take on the traditional style by investing in a custom kitchen island that is the maint attraction of the room. As for the traditional kitchen cabinet or cabinets at the base of your island, keep it simple with a quality wood painted a bright white. 

Elegant Backsplash to Showcase Your Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Choose a sleek backsplash that puts your traditional style cabinetry in focus. Opt for more natural colors if your traditional style cabinetry is wood and go for a green or pale yellow tile backsplash. 

Bring the Natural Materials into the Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional interior styles are known for their natural elements so it is always a good idea to bring nature into your home. Instead of typical metal pulls, look for carved wooden handles or choose a stone backsplash for the walls behind your cabinets.

Choose a Neutral Color for Your Traditional Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets can be all colors and choosing a more neutral shade of paint is a great way to showcase the other materials and fixtures in your traditional style kitchen. Other than white or black, gray, cream, taupe, and beige are perfect for traditional style cabinets. 

Intricate Crown Molding for Your Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Design

A traditional cabinet can add an element of surprise with a custom crown molding. This adornment is common in the traditional kitchen and can make a space look more grand and elegant. 

Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets and a Matching Range Hood

No matter what color or shade your traditional cabinets are, there are manufacturers that make it possible to have a matching range hood. This simple pairing is popular among the traditional kitchen ideas because it is easy to do and can be decided before you start with the kitchen remodeling process. 

Mix Shelves and Traditional Cabinets for More Display Space

For smaller spaces with the traditional kitchen style, installing shelves gives you more storage space while taking up less room than floor to ceiling traditional kitchen cabinets. Play around with the placement of your shelves to see what really completes your space. 

Pair Bright Blue Traditional Kitchen Cabinets and Rustic Furniture

Although blue is typically a hard color to find in nature, painting your traditional kitchen cabinets a light or bright shade can bring your classic kitchen to life. Not only does blue induce calm, the right shade will make even the most traditional kitchen cabinets pop. 

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