Storage Solutions


Whether or not you live in a small space, it’s always a great idea to stay organized and maximize the space around your home. Some things are best left unchanged but if you’re looking for a fun way to save space, we have some ideas for you.

Home Storage Tips

Before diving into our storage ideas, we recommend:

Buying nesters, or containers that can be stacked together, is a great way to store items. If these are containers that are going to be out in the open, splurge a little for long-term storage.

In other words, store your most used items in places that are easy to reach. 

Make sure to measure an area around your home more than once so that you are buying baskets, racks, or shelves that are the right size.

Don’t shy away from using that label maker. You can also get creative and practice your calligraphy skills to name your supplies.

Square and rectangular containers are more space-efficient than their rounder counterparts.

Storage Solution Ideas

Creatively Storing Magazines

Use what you already have and store your stack of magazines in a filing cabinet! You can also spruce up a wall or door by installing slim shelves and showcasing your favorite magazines.

Put Your Bike on Display

Have nowhere else to put your bike? Put it on display. All you need is an aesthetic wall mount that matches the interior design of your space and hang up your bicycle. 

Put Up Pots and Pans

Install hooks underneath your kitchen cabinets or island to hang up your go-to pots and pans. If you have a shelf, line up their lids so you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Garden Tool Garage Space

Transform your garage space and organize that pile of garden tools by putting up shelves, racks, and hooks. This type of wall storage lets you put everything in its place and will definitely declutter your house.

Repurpose Magazine Holders

Magazine holders can be mounted to your wall or underneath a shelf for extra storage. Magazine holders can also keep your kitchen organized by housing plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or your cutting boards. You can also keep them in your bathroom and use the magazine file as a toilet paper holder. 

Use Corkboard for Accessories

Whip out your glue or screws to hang up your favorite jewelry pieces. Move your accessories around to see where everything fits best then secure thumbtacks or screws in place. 

Stay Organized with Space Above Doors

Take advantage of your walls by making the space above your doors a project. Often underutilized, you can install shelves to maximize space and cut back on clutter. 

Declutter Small Spaces with Peg Board

Another storage space solution is using a pegboard. Create a place to keep your keys or put up your kitchen utensils. Pegboards can be put up behind your front door or in a room that doubles as your corporate office.

Multi-Purpose Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers are easy-reach storage solutions that can be put in your tiny closet, underneath a sink, or inside kitchen cabinets. Your cake decorating supplies or new bolts from the hardware store can easily be put away in organizers. 

Shoe Organizers for Everything

Fill up shoe organizers with socks, toys, or current art projects. If you don’t have enough drawers around the house, shoe organizers make the most out of wall space and closed doors. Installation potential is endless so attach shoe organizers to your door, in the bathroom, your closet, or under a cabinet. 

Tension Rods 

Tension rods provide solutions for organizing clutter too. They can be put into the bathroom cabinet to hang spare towels or around the room to display your most-worn clothes.

Built-in Shelves Are Key

A built-in shelf makes sure that you have enough wall space for artwork and other decorations. The trick is to make sure that you are choosing a palette that compliments your walls. This way, your storage solutions fit seamlessly into the room. A built-in shelf can feature your kids’ latest school projects, become your new home center filled with souvenirs, or a new home for your books. 


Hidden Storage for Everyday Items

Storage solutions don’t always have to be out on your desk or be a new cabinet drawer. You can also shop for storage ideas that make the most out of an existing space. For instance, storage furniture like a custom kitchen cabinet in the corner can have a pull-out rack, drawer, or bins. You can also put an ottoman in the living room that is used to store random stuff like remotes or extra pillows.

Catch-All Bins, Boxes, and Baskets

Boxes, bins, and baskets can be used to organize tools, materials, and the things you use on a daily basis. Placing a catch-all storage solution in any room makes the search for your favorite scarf or car keys a lot easier.

Hang Fruit Wire Baskets 

Put up a fruit wire basket in the closet for your socks or right next to the sink. Storing items you reach for on a daily basis has never been easier.

Reuse Spice Racks

Spice racks can organize make-up, accessories, or stationary.  Keep a spice rack on your desk or quartz countertop for easy access.

Hang Ladders Overhead

The installation will need some skill but you’ll definitely benefit from this type of storage. When your ladder is secured and safe overhead, the space it left behind becomes another project. Use that corner of the house for a new shelf or containers.

Storage Under Stairs

Create your own mini-warehouse by storing supplies underneath your stairs. Make a project out of it and turn the space into an extra pantry or an area that features your wine.

Glass Shelves in Bathrooms

Storage solutions can elevate a space when you use glass shelves. Place a scented candle, soap, and other self-care items on the shelves.

Use Your Headboard as a Bookcase

If you like to wind down before bed, easily reach for a novel by using a bookcase as your headboard. You can search for a headboard that has built-in shelves or make it a project and make one yourself.

Storage Matters

Channel your inner Emily Henderson and try out some of these storage solutions!

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