Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are just on element that makes up a luxurious kitchen. For those looking for cabinetry that is high-quality, beautiful, and lasts, here’s our guide to high-end kitchen cabinets!

What is High-end Kitchen Cabinetry?

What makes luxury kitchen cabinets so special? Here are the things you need to know about these cabinets that set them apart from the rest. 


High-end kitchen cabinets will differ in material but regardless of whether they are made out of wood or metal, these materials will offer you durability and aesthetics. Investing in custom cabinets made out of luxury materials will cost you more but can be sustainable over time because the best cabinets can last a lifetime. Homeowners will typically use metal or wood for their luxury custom kitchen cabinets


The best thing about high-end custom cabinets is that they can be made to complement various interior design styles. For a custom kitchen, you may wish to mix cabinet door styles or choose a certain color that matches the backsplash and elevates your overall kitchen design. Not only are high-end cabinets made to stand out but can fit into any design style.


Aside from aesthetics and durability, luxury kitchen cabinetry have finishes that are easy to maintain. Superior cabinet finishes will make the cabinets stand out, showcase the grain of the wood, or emphasize the shine of a cabinet door. The search for the right cabinet finish can be challenging for homeowners to do on their own but interior designers can be of great help. 

Custom Features

Custom cabinets are designed to fit your needs whether they are for practical or aesthetic reasons. A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity for you to take traditional kitchen cabinetry to the next level. If you are looking for a specific shape, want to create more room in a space, need a drawer instead of a cabinet, the cabinets to be made out of the same material as your backsplash, or would like a specific type of wood for your cabinets, reaching out to manufacturers and working with an interior designer can really help you put together your dream kitchen. 

Luxury Cabinets in Kitchen

How Much do Luxury Kitchen Cabinets Cost

The cost of high-end kitchen cabinets will vary on their style, size, and the material that they are made out of. Of course, extra features will also add to the costs and tend to be more expensive than simple and plain cabinets.

In general, custom cabinets are the most expensive type of luxury cabinetry. Not only can the cabinet door styles of custom cabinets be made to compliment a unique interior design style, but the finish and quality of the materials can be hand-picked. Homeowners can expect to spend at least $500 and at most about $1500 per linear foot of high-end cabinetry. This means that luxury custom cabinets can cost up to $18,500 for a larger kitchen. 

High-end Kitchen Cabinet Brands

Various manufacturers offer cabinets that are the epitome of luxury and elegance but the most popular brands that have different styles, are high-quality, and have guaranteed durability include: 

StarMark Cabinetry

Homeowners looking for different cabinet styles from contemporary to traditional can benefit greatly from StarMark Cabinetry’s products. Known for their various colors, StarMark Cabinetry offers custom cabinets that are built with extreme craftsmanship.

Da-Vinci Designs

Another popular manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets is Da-Vinci Designs which specializes in details. From cabinetry fit for a Russian palace to an Italian Villa, Da-Vinci crafts cabinets full of detail, perfect for contemporary kitchens. 

Willow Lane Cabinetry

With classic and timeless high-quality cabinets their specialty, Willow Lane Cabinetry will create cabinets that will last the rest of your life. 


Another good place to shop for luxury cabinets that are on the more affordable side is Puustelli. While their products are on the more affordable side of the spectrum, thi does not mean that Puustelli is not up to par with competitors in terms of quality. While offering cabinets that are inspired by Scandanavian design, this manufacturer’s kitchen cabinets are a green and sustainable choice. 


Modern interiors will be complete with Snaidero cabinetry. This brand offers custom cabinets with a futuristic-twist which is perfect for contemporary-style kitchen spaces. Designers definitely have a lot of choices to choose from and can go for dark cabinets that pair well with the backsplash or steel kitchen cabinets to complement the sink. 


Known for custom kitchen cabinetry that leans more towards the modern and contemporary design styles, Porcelanosa offers clients sophistication and a wide selection of materials to choose from. 

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

High-end Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

It is only fitting that your kitchen has the best high-end kitchen cabinets and here are some ideas to give you inspiration!

Colorful Cabinets To Match Neutral Cabinets

The perfect cabinets don’t have to be just one color. If you’re trying to switch up your usual style after a kitchen remodel, match a neutral colored cabinet with a colored one. This way, you can also get creative with the backsplash and add a pop of color here too!

Mix and Match High-end Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There is no rule that you have to stick to one type of cabinet door which means that if there are two or more different styles that you like, you can definitely incorporate these different preferences. Choose shaker style luxury cabinet doors for one section of the kitchen then arched doors for another. 

Minimalist but High-end Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard is simple and familiar but can be made out of luxury materials. Opt for a single color and choose one that complements your kitchen backsplash. 

High-end and Handleless

Handleless cabinets are chic and look very luxurious. They can be made out of a beautiful wood or stainless steel. 

Glass Fronts Can Be Fancy

While opaque glass can be used to somewhat hide or obscure food and dinnerware, clear glass turns cabinets into displays. A modern kitchen can use this material around the room to look more sophisticated. 

Dark Gray Custom Kitchen Cabinets with a Scandinavian Design

Choose dark gray cabinetry with texture to give your space depth. 

Panels to Create Cohesion in the New Kitchen to Hide Appliances

Instead of cabinets that stick out of the walls or standalone, use panels. This can be used to hide appliances but also make it look like the backsplash, walls, and cabinets are connected. 

Metal Strapping to Give Custom Cabinets a Modern Look

Install metal detailing to the kitchen island and your cabinets to create an edgy and modern look. 

Instead of Traditional Cabinetry, Opt for Drawers

There is no need to have cabinets all around the kitchen! Instead, choose drawers to easily reach into their contents. 

A Cabinet Door Style Fit for a Medieval Castle

Dark wood and detailing, look for the custom cabinets that can fit into the medieval ages aesthetic. These kitchen cabinets look elegant and are a work of art in themselves. 

Make Any Space Look Bigger with Mirror Fronts

Having mirrors installed into your cabinet doors is a great way to reflect natural light and make your space look bigger. 

High-end Cabinets with Beautiful Details on the Metal Grates

Metal grates can range from simple to intricate depending on the interior of the kitchen. Whatever you choose for your cabinet doors, this type of ideal cabinetry is great for industrial and modern homes. 

White High-end Cabinets Fit for a French Chateau

Tall, white, detailed kitchen cabinets that belong in a French chateau can be customized for today’s modern kitchen. Just make sure that the shade of white that you choose matches the other white colored elements in your space!

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