Under Cabinet Lighting


Renovating or remodeling your kitchen space and wondering if you should install under cabinet lighting? You’re not alone. These light fixtures that could be added right underneath your cabinets can be beneficial for your space and also add depth to the kitchen. Here’s why it’s a bright idea to get under cabinet lighting installed. 


Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting


Under cabinet lighting can be a mix of task lighting for countertops, food preparation areas, sinks, or the island where you do all your cooking. 


Not only are under cabinet lights an affordable option when you need extra illumination, but they can also be very energy-efficient. Instead of having to illuminate the entire kitchen for every single task, you can choose to turn on the cabinet light instead. This lowers your overall energy consumption and your electric bill at the end of the month.


Under cabinet lighting refers to the light mounted under a cabinet around the room but this doesn’t mean that it’s just a bright light. While you get more light, they can be a certain color temperature that can change the overall ambience of a room. There are bar lights and different LED lights on the market that can be installed under a cabinet to match your interior design.

Increases Value

By changing the way a room looks or enhancing the overall ambiance inside a kitchen, your space becomes more valuable. If you’re planning to rent out or sell your house in the future, installing light bars underneath your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to increase the room’s interior value.

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Under Cabinet Lighting Buying Guide


Light-emitting Diode Lighting: also known as LED lighting, this is the most energy-efficient option for lights underneath kitchen cabinets. When LED lighting was introduced to homes, it was expensive and would only offer directional lighting. They are still the most expensive choice today but are more compatible with smart homes, can be used in other fixtures (e.g., incandescent light bulbs), and can last 2 to 3 times longer than other types of lights. LED lights also produce less heat which is beneficial for your kitchen.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting: CFL is another green option for your under cabinet lighting. Fluorescent lighting tubes have a harsh light that can have a slight buzzing sound when they are on. This type of under cabinet lighting does not have a dimmer function which means that CFL has to be turned on and off and do not have long lifespans. These bulbs also have a mercury vapor and phosphor coating in order to convert UV light into visible light but this means that they cannot be disposed of that easily. There are certain guidelines in place to safely discard these bulbs.

Halogen Lighting: halogen vapor is used in this type of bulb so that when they are plugged into a nearby power outlet, the electricity reacts with the gas composure and produces a clear and white light. When this type of under cabinet lighting is used, it should not be in any area or near a surface that you will accidentally touch because they get hot. Halogen lighting use 25% to 80% less electricity than fluorescent lighting and are a mid-range cabinet lighting choice.

Xenon Lighting: xenon bulbs also provide a clear, white light but do not use a filament, unlike halogen bulbs. This type of under cabinet light channels electricity through xenon gas which powers the electrons and produces light power. These lights last 2 to 3 times longer than halogen lights and are cooler to the touch.


There are three different types of voltage to take into consideration when you shop for under cabinet lighting:

Battery-powered Lighting: there is no need for a transformer because you may be using three aa batteries for these cabinet lights. The voltage for a battery-operated bulb will range from 1.5 volts to 10 volts and the higher the voltage, the brighter your light will be. 

Line-voltage Lighting: with a direct wire to your electrical system, cabinet lights with this voltage system produce the most heat.

Low-voltage Lighting: low-voltage lights can be connected directly into your home’s electrical wiring if you have a transformer to reduce the voltage. If your kitchen already meets the 12 volts to 24-volt requirement, simply plug the system into a power outlet. 


You will also need to choose the style of your under cabinet lighting as you shop:

Bar Lights: this is an excellent choice for food prep areas and other task countertops around the kitchen. These cabinet lights can be line- or low-voltage and be 6 inches to 48 inches long. They are not flexible as they are linear fixtures so you will need to make sure that your measurements are precise before installation.

Strip Lights: Strip cabinet lights have a backing adhesive so they can be stuck underneath any cabinet. You can also choose to screw this type of cabinet light in place but the adhesive on strip lights are manufactured to be strong enough. This under cabinet lighting choice is flexible so you can customize them to create certain shapes or suit a certain layout. However, LED strip light is fragile because they are so flexible and are not the best cabinet lights for task-oriented areas in your kitchen. 

Puck Lights: puck lights are shaped like hockey pucks and create a pool or spots of light instead of a beam of illumination. You can use a puck light for accent lighting or as task lighting. You will need to make sure that puck lights are spread out so that there is continuous illumination if you want to use this as a task light. A puck light will probably be battery-powered and have an adhesive backing but they can also be low-voltage and line-voltage bulbs. 


How much electricity under cabinet light will produce and the heat it will emit depends on the light bulb you purchase. 

Light-emitting Diode: LED under cabinet lighting is the best type of bulb. This type of cabinet light can use as little as 5 watts and produce adequate light output. An LED strip can be dimmed to produce a warm white light and is known to be cool to the touch. 

Compact Fluorescent: a fluorescent fixture is ranked in between LED and xenon lights in energy efficiency. They are also cool after installation and when turned on.  

Halogen: a halogen light will produce the most heat and is the least efficient if you are trying to reduce your electricity use. However, they can be dimmed to switch up the ambiance in a room. 

Xenon: install xenon fixtures to save electricity and set the mood. This light fixture runs hotter than an LED strip and fluorescent light bar but is still not too hot to touch. 


The ease of installation is dependent on the voltage of your light fixture. Line-voltage lighting is the most complicated to install because it must be wired directly into your home’s electrical system. Low-voltage lighting can be installed with the backing adhesive that it comes with or using a few screws. Since this type of light plugs directly into an outlet, it is relatively easy to install. Battery-powered lighting is the easiest and can be installed with an adhesive, screws, or a magnetic strip.  

Extra Features 

Lighting has gone through a brilliant evolution and has various extra features that you may want to take into consideration. For instance, instead of using a switch to turn a light on or off, some are remote control operated. A light can be operated with your phone or a separate remote and can change colors or be dimmed down when needed. You can also purchase a light that will work inside your kitchen and out in the garden instead of buying two different types. 

Under Cabinet Lighting


What is the best type of under cabinet light?

An LED under cabinet light is the best one for any kitchen. An LED light is the most popular because it does not need much electricity and can last longer than other lights.

What is the best color temperature for lights under kitchen cabinets?

The best color temperature for under cabinet lighting is a light that falls within the 3000K to 5000K range which is a soft white to cool white.

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