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Best Planter For Snake Plant

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D’vine Dev Terracotta Plant Pot
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Indoor Self Watering Plant Pots with Saucer
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Homenote Decorative Plastic Planter

Snake plants, also known as Mother in Law’s Tongue, add an air of freshness to your indoor or outdoor spaces. They are also incredibly easy to grow and are a great plant to start with if you are new to gardening, but a crucial aspect of growing snake plants is picking the right type of planter.

Just like when picking planters for succulents, or pots for your herbs, you will need to invest time and money into the right pot for precious snake plants and by following our gardening guides, you can know all about the best planter for snake plant.

You can pick from a large variety of options including terra cotta pots, ceramic pots, concrete pots, plastic containers, etc., depending on where you want to keep your snake plants. Some are fit for outdoors under the direct sunlight, while others are better suited for indoors instead. You may also need to consider the size, construction material, maintenance, etc.

In this article, we will discuss all about the best snake plant planters and the factors you should keep in mind before investing in the best planter for snake plants. You can also learn more about the best planters for orchids and the best containers for your spider plants. Keep on reading!

Top Picks for the Best Pots for Snake Plants

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1. D’vine Dev Terracotta Plant Pot

You’ll need enough room for it if you own a particularly large snake plant. Deep pots are especially handy for such plants. Although you can group several of these giant succulents in the same pot since they enjoy being crowded, the roots still require some space to expand.

This holds true for everybody who has a plant with roots that are growing out of the drainage hole. It needs to be replanted in a larger planter.

D’vine Dev comes in two sizes: a large 10 inch pot and a medium 8 inch pot. Both are fairly expensive.

Even so, they are entirely worthwhile because they are easily able to accommodate a larger snake plant.

This pot is also made of terracotta, which is one of the greatest materials for these plants because it is porous. This pot also has a drainage hole, and the saucer matches the pot exactly. It is far better than plastic pots or a ceramic pot without drainage. Terra cotta pots also offer more room for aeration.

Another useful addition is the scratch pad that is included.

2. Indoor Self Watering Plant Pots with Saucer

Modern styling and designing techniques have truly come far. These 9 inch flower pots aren’t just any ordinary snake plant containers; in fact, these are carefully crafted with absorbent rope and a useful water reservoir.

Excess moisture is contained in the bottom pans and the snake plant roots soak up the water required through those ropes. This means that you will not have to water your plants frequently as they will drink themselves and consume only what is needed. These pots are especially handy if you are away on a trip and cannot look after your snake plants.

These also come with mesh drainage holes at the bottom and this helps with better aeration for stronger root growth. The unique shape of these pots feature a small opening at the bottom attached to the saucer for excess water that you can use to add water through as well. Or, you can pour water from the top. This set is especially used for indoor plants.

Finally, these pots aren’t constructed with cheap flimsy plastic. Instead, they are made with a 4mm thick layer of polypropylene which is lightweight but extremely durable.

3. Homenote Decorative Plastic Planter

If you are interested in plastic pots, then this set is an excellent option to house your snake plant. The pot size is sufficient for smaller varieties of snake plants and these can also be used for small indoor plants, etc.

Despite the fact that you receive 5 planters for less than $20, they don’t at all appear inexpensive. A tray and a drainage hole are included with each planter. This looks fantastic.

The 7-inch and 6-inch pots are useful and sufficient, depending on the size of your snake plant. However, even the size of 7 inches will be inadequate if your plant is really large and tall.

The sizes of the remaining 3 pots are 5.5, 4.8, and 4.5 inches. These can be used for cactus, tiny succulents, or smaller plants or flowers.

Despite being made of plastic, the fact that so many people purchased them for their snake plants is an excellent sign and gives new gardeners the confidence to say that they are unquestionably among the best pots for snake plants.

This kit from Homenote can be a great substitute for buying terracotta that won’t cost very much. As long as you don’t have large plants that require repotting, it’s a pretty good deal for your snake plant.

4. Mid-Century Cement Planter with Stand

People don’t often pick cement as their top choice for snake plants or any other plants for that matter but these are actually incredibly useful and they also look beautiful. This snake plant pot size is perfect for large plants and it also provides space for snake plant roots to expand easily.

Because concrete is a porous, resilient, and insulating material, many people use it for their succulent pots. The plants can be protected by their insulation during extreme temperature changes. With the addition of a well draining potting mix, ample exposure to indirect light, you can grow snake plants in these terrific concrete pots better than in terra cotta pots, ceramic pots, etc.

Although it is unquestionably not a cheap planter, this Finehous Cement Planter is stunning. Despite being specifically designed for indoor use, it can appear stunning in some circumstances.

Without a doubt, this is a wonderful investment if you like planters in earthy, gray tones. An additional benefit of the overall design is the cylindrical shape.

Of course, unless you wish to repot a taller or larger snake plant, you shouldn’t get this. It is too massive for younger snake plants because it has an 8 inch diameter. Snake plants generally require drainage holes so the extra water can seep out instead of causing root rot within. This pot comes with a drainage hole so that your snake plant grows without risk of overwatering.

Although a rubber stopper and saucer are also supplied, the absence of a tray to catch any surplus water is a significant drawback, especially given the high cost of this snake plant pot.

5. La Jolie Muse Flower Pots Outdoor Garden Planters

So far, we have listed the best snake plant pots for indoor use but this spectacular flower pot is just what you need for outdoor use and to grow your snake plants.

You may purchase two reasonably large planters to place your snake plant outside but they are still a bit more expensive.

They can be used indoors as well, but the lack of saucers will make things more difficult.

These pots are constructed with durable recyclable plastic blended with natural stone powder. They’re lightweight materials and also weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about damage in case of a storm or extreme heat.

They are, however, a little more expensive than the other possibilities because they are still constructed from plastic.

You can also pick from a wide range of hues such as terracotta, black, rock gray, speckled black, speckled white, etc

6. PEACH & PEBBLE White Ceramic Flower Pot Set of 2

These brilliant ceramic material snake plant pots ooze luxury style. Add a zest of glamor to your home with these classic snake plant containers that come in a beautiful shape with a striking matte white glaze.

Its porcelain finish is better than any plastic pots or cheap clay containers. These pots are constructed using molds and kiln-fire that makes it incredibly durable and able to withstand rough use.

These also come equipped with drainage holes and an optional rubber stopper that enhances root growth and combats any sign of rot.

7. TIMEYARD Sturdy Jute Rope Plant Basket

This spectacular snake plant pot is the perfect look for those who enjoy a rustic, beach-like vibe. The cover basket comes in neutral, earthy shades that complements all kinds of interior and exterior decor.

For a reasonable cost you get a carefully crafted jute basket that is stitched together by hand. The texture is coarse but flexible and sturdy.

However, you may be a bit disappointed in the way it is delivered and you may have to stretch it or iron it to get all the wrinkles out after unpacking.

You can also select from three different color schemes and pick the one that suits your taste and style best

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Planter for Snake Plant

Before you purchase a snake plant planter, you should consider the following factors. These include aspects such as plant size, growth, material, etc.

The Right Size and Shape for the Best Snake Plant Planter

The planters for snake plants usually come in a variety of sizes between 4-10 inches but some can be exceptionally large, up to 24 inches! This allows for the delicate roots of the plant to spread without suffocation.

Snake plant planters are also usually rounded or in a cylindrical shape. If you own an adult snake plant, then you will need a planter that is at least 10-inches in size.

The planter for the snake plant should also provide ample space for the long leaves. This plant consists of long, spear-like leaves that can grow up to 8-9 ft tall.

Good Material for Planters for Snake Plant

The best choice for your snake plants is undoubtedly terra cotta or ceramic. These aren’t just eco-friendly but their remains can also be used for mulching or improving drainage later.

Plastic is a cheaper alternative but it is certainly not an eco-friendly option. Just ensure that your plastic planter for the snake plant comes with sufficient drainage holes so the roots do not get flooded in case of overwatering.

You can also pick a planter for a snake plant in concrete. Since these are durable and porous, they will provide ample room for insulation. However, these cement pots are anything but cheap!

Ensure Drainage Hole for Snake Plant Planter

It is paramount that you invest in planters for snake plants that come with drainage holes. This is to prevent flooding the roots in case you overwater the snake plant.

A saucer or pan under the pot is always a great addition as it helps catch excess water through the drainage hole and prevents any mess or dirt on the floor.

FAQs on the Best Planter for Snake Plants

The best planter size for a snake plant is one that is at least one-third bigger than the size of its roots. This is because the extra space gives the snake plant and its roots ample space to grow and expand. Too big of a pot will store extra water and cause root rot.

Yes, snake plants like to be crowded inside pots. However, if your snake plant is extremely root bound, then you should be careful as this could cause the plant pot to crack or make it harder for the roots to get even nutrition and water.

No, it is not necessary to use pebbles in planters for snake plants. However it does keep the plant sturdy and in pace. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the plant.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.

Abigail Clemente

Abigail Clemente

To say that Abigail is passionate about gardening and landscaping would be an understatement. Abigail came to Your House Your Garden team with an already exceptional portfolio as an experienced writer.